Monday, 16 November 2009


I have a cold which has obviously gone straight to the brain!! It seems to be taking forever to do the simplest things today. I had some little jobs to do this morning which should have taken an hour max but I didn't finish till lunchtime.

I then decided to knuckle down and finish the portrait of Max. Based on the last email sent to her, my client confirmed the length of his mane was fine but his colour wasn't red enough (the ref photos are a little bleached). This photo was taken early this afternoon after about one hour's work ... Max hasn't actually got a scar on his cheek - this was an area that I hadn't blended properly and my camera picked up and exaggerated the area - the contrast seems a bit harsh - I obviously need to look at the camera settings tomorrow!! I've done quite a lot more to the portrait since but have lost the light and so can't photograph it. I'll try to get a decent photo tomorrow and send to my client. Fingers crossed I've got the colouring right and he will be more or less finished.


Leslie Hawes said...

Sorry you don't feel well. Colds aren't any fun, ever.
Your artwork is just the best. Working with clients on art of their beloved pets is an art in itself!
You have my admiration!

sue said...

Hi Leslie. Many thanks for your kind comments. I really resent getting colds .... they are such a waste of time aren't they - why haven't they found a cure yet????