Thursday, 19 November 2009


This is my latest work (and one which I can show on the blog without spoiling a surprise) and its pastel on Fisher 400 (sanded) paper.

Both horses belong to Liz ... Riley on the left is a bright chestnut gelding and he loves Jessica (Jess) who Liz retired a couple of years ago. They live at the same yard although boys and girls are separated - but they have definitely formed a strong bond.

I started on Riley's portrait late yesterday. With the sanded papers I tend to lay down an overall base colour and build on that (rather than the traditional method of starting in top left corner (for right-handers) and working down to avoid smudging. This was the result of a couple of hours work

Today I worked on building up detail using pastel pencils. Riley really is a bright chestnut colour and this photo was taken in quite strong sunlight which has cast some interesting shadows.

I hadn't intended to start on Jess today, but was on a roll. The photo is pretty grim (taken tonight in artificial light) but I'm really pleased with the progress to date - this one is really going quickly. The ref photos are very good although Jess looks different colours in almost every reference. She is a dark bay colour which changes with the seasons. I still need to build up colour here. I haven't been asked to make many changes, simply to remove headcollars.


Dors said...

Superb detail...Fantastic job Sue.

Jo said...

Brilliant portrait it!!

sue said...

Thanks ladies :o)
Not sure how much I'll get done today as I seem to have left everything to the last minute (we leave early tomorrow morning for the airport). The weather is dreadful here so at least I don't feel guilty about not working in the garden (one thing off the list)!