Wednesday, 18 November 2009

18/11: SANTA and CIDER !!

The weather is not improving here in Whitstable. According to the local forecast the winds are averaging 47mph but it certainly seems stronger than that.

One of our apple trees always produces a late crop and this year it is absolutely laden ... no leaves left on the tree, just apples. Because of the dry Summer the apples are small but they make up for it in sheer numbers. I've been taking bags full to the stables to be shared between Roxy and her 'friends' at feed times but hadn't really made a dent in the overall number.

Last night's gusty weather managed to dislodge quite a lot of them so David decided he'd make some cider today (if I would pick the apples for him)!! He started a batch of pear cider earlier this year but as our pear crop was poor he only managed a few bottles. So there I was early this morning standing in howling gales and rain ..... I picked about 40lbs thinking he'd get bored soon ... we don't have an apple press so the apples have to go through the juicer which is a slow (and noisy) process! They might be small but these apples are certainly juicy! I think there must be at least 80lbs apples left on the tree but I'm hoping they'll still be there when we get back from holiday - a final treat for the horses!

Anyway, just for fun ..... I bought David some new clothes recently and here he is modelling them last night :o) The whole costume cost under £4 at Wilkinsons. How can the Chinese produce these items soooo cheaply? Obviously the quality is poor but this outfit consists of Santa hat, beard, jacket, belt and trousers - I think the cost was £3.84 to be precise. He intends to wear it for the kid's party at the bowling centre where he coaches at weekends - I doubt he'll be bowling whilst wearing the outfit as I don't think I'd trust the seams/stitches!


Anonymous said...

Cider project terminated early due to Juicer Fatal Error.

I saw sparks and smoke coming from the machine and, drawing on vast amounts of technical knowledge amassed over many years, arrived at the conclusion that it was broken.

Re Santa outfit. It was £3.48. Not bad for a head to toe outfit. I will probably buy a few more to wear as my regular attire.

I'll get some for Sue, too. We will make a handsome pair on the Tankerton beach walk next summer. We'll be the talk of the town. Oh yes.

sue said...

Hi Anonymous AKA David (hubby)!!

For any other readers ... I can confirm that the juicer is beyond repair. It was still smoking 10 minutes after it was carried out into the garden to cool off. But at least I don't have to pick any more apples now :o)

pett paintings said...

LOL I really think you need to invest in a press! I tried the juicer method a couple of years back with a similar end result :-(
Have a lovely time resting in the sun x

Jan said...

Oh, no, poor juicer!

Sue, I can sympathize - my darling OH will sometimes say about the same thing only it's usually "I'll pick the apples if you'll make a pie (or applesauce or fritters or whatever" Usually he wants something that takes ten times more time and effort than apple picking!

Mr. Anonymous (David) - invest in a cider press, they're well worth it!

Jan said...

Forgot to mention the Santa outfit - you look very spiffy! I can certainly see this as your regular attire and the price is certainly right for it!

sue said...

I don't really like Cider!!! Anyway I don't think I'll have any problem persuading him to buy a press (another gadget) but first we have to get a replacement juicer.

And .... red is definitely his colour isn't it? :o)