Thursday, 5 November 2009


I'm having to sit down for this one .... just got the vet bill for Roxy's recent dentist treatment and its just over £250!!!

She had her flu & tetanus jab (which was only £30). The rest is made up 2 x call out fees as the vet didn't have the appropriate dental equipment to power float the teeth on first visit, sedative (plus a charge to administer the sedative) and then itemised per tooth!!! Methinks I'm in the wrong profession (although I must be honest and say a career putting my hands in horse's mouths doesn't really appeal.

Oh Well, better speed up production on the commissions to pay for it all .... and she's worth it (though not sure what David will think when he gets in) :o)


Jan said...

Hmmmm, seems to me that if the vet didn't arrive with the proper equipment, then he shouldn't charge for two calls!

Know you're glad it's done though. Also know how it is when the other half doesn't understand the cost of caring for our beloved fur-covered family members!

sue said...

My feelings also Jan, but you know how it is, Vets and Farriers must not be upset :o)