Tuesday, 28 July 2009

28/07: Out to Dinner !

I think I've done quite enough technical stuff this afternoon. I must find out how to place my photos where I want them - but that can wait until another day.

At the Kent County Show last week David (hubby) correctly guessed the number of potatoes in a very large pot. So in return for the 50 pence entry fee (which went to a very worthy charitable cause) we have won a meal for two at a Shepherd Neame restaurant of our choice to the value of £75. I say WE because I filled out the entry form so have been designated the winner of the prize!! But we've decided that he will be my guest tonight .. we are going to the Marine Hotel in Tankerton which is a 10 minute walk from here.

The weather looks as though it will be kind to us so I hope we can have a stroll along the coastal path first to build up an appetite.


Anonymous said...

Wooooohooo great to see you blogging Sue, it is a great tool and will connect you to lots of artists and art, plus you can use it to showcase yours as well.

sue said...

Hi Vic - you're my first commentator. thanks. Just want to do a bit more practice stuff and then I'll be out there looking to link with others. I'm a follower on your site now but I have to look everything up on the help line first as I'm a real thicko with technology!!

Di said...

This is my 2nd go - I don't know why these things never work for me!!! What is a blog anyhoo? Still looks very good to me. Hopefully will see you on the 9th August. Di