Tuesday, 28 July 2009

28/07: Boxer finished

Now I've made the decision to join the world of 'bloggers' I really must be more disciplined about photographing my work at various stages of progression. I tend to get so carried away with my drawing that I don't think about taking pictures until either the light has gone or I've made so much progress that its too late to record the step-by-step stages. All part of the learning curve I guess :o)

This is one such picture. Molly's portrait was commissioned as a birthday present for my client's Father and she was a joy to work with - such an expressive face ... this was my second portrait completed in pastels on Fisher 400 paper (Gizmo was the first) and I just love this combination. As an artist who likes to blend pastel with my fingers I soon discovered the drawback with sanded paper - I ended up with very sore fingertips (or ouchy stumps as a fellow artist so aptly described the problem).
Molly's owner was very pleased with her portrait so the end result justified the discomfort!!

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