Thursday, 30 July 2009

30/07: WIP Black Lab in Graphite

I haven't put in any time on my commissions for a couple of days so thought I would post some WIP pictures of Sealy, a black labrador I drew in graphite last month. Unfortunately, Sealy had passed away and the owner could only produce a few old reference photos which showed very little detail. With the owner's guidance, and using reference photos showing similar looking dogs, I was able to build up a likeness that the owner was very happy with.

I always like to draw the eyes in at a fairly early stage as it gives the picture some personality and helps me to relate to the character.
I've started to block in a little more colour and do some work on Sealy's nose

I've started to build up colour on the right side of Sealy's face (as we look at it) and am constantly reworking areas to strengthen shadows. At this stage all the work has been done using clutch pencils - grades HB, 2B and 4B.

The second ear is now complete and I've drawn in the hair on the neck/chest area

Finally, using a 7B pencil I intensified the colour and Sealy is finished


jennicrook said...

Fascinating to see how you build up the portrait and a great final picture. Look forward to seeing more WiP soon.

Jennifer Rose said...

very well done :D lovely eyes said...

Love to see good graphite work, this is beautiful :-)