Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Art in Pink

Well I've got no work done today .... I spent hours trying to work out how to load a slideshow onto my blog and it became a bit of a crusade. When the penny finally dropped it was soooo easy - but isn't that always the way once you break through the mental block?

I finally twigged that I wouldn't be able to use pics from my Photobucket account as they are marked Private and therefore cannot be shared. I decided to transfer a selection of them to Picassa where it would be OK to mark the file as Public. But in the process I seem to have instructed Picassa to take over the management of all my picture files on my computer - I've just realised it has been running for hours uploading pics ....... and I don't actually know what its doing. If it is going to make all my pictures public I'll be in real trouble - who really wants to see David topping up his all over tan at the sand dunes on Fuerteventura?? I may have to uninstall the programme and wipe out all the work I've done today on the slideshow ..... why am I such a dummy with computers??

I had intended to start a piece of pink artwork to add to the goodies for sale in the Art in Pink Zazzle Shop I do hope you can find the time to visit (and maybe contribute some pink art yourself) as its all in support of the Art in Pink breast cancer awareness campaign recently started by Victoria (a fellow artist). Members of Melanie's Pet Portrait Forum will be able to read about the campaign as Melanie has set up a dedicated section here

I do have to get back to commission work tomorrow but will definitely get some pink art started to work on in between the 'paying' stuff.

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