Sunday, 11 August 2019

11/11: Boxer/Cross Update

We had a surprise visit from my lovely 'baby' brother yesterday to introduce us to his new lady friend so I didn't get any artwork done till today.

I've stopped now and will leave it to one side for a couple of days before deciding what needs tweaking before I can add whiskers etc.

The main reference photo is small (and pixelates out when enlarged) so I'm working from a few photos for this one as the coat colour varies a bit depending on whether the dog is indoors or outdoors.


  1. This is amazing Sue. This boxer is perfect. I love his eyes and sad expression. It looks finished to me...all ready for his whiskers!!!

  2. Thank you Hilda. I'm deliberately leaving him alone for a few days so I don't 'fiddle'. He does look glum doesn't he? The alternative was a photo with his tongue hanging out - all those teeth (this pose was easier) :-)


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