Saturday, 7 March 2015


Peter Pan has quite a grand name in reality ... its Alfonso!
I didn't meet Alfonso during our recent mini visit to Fuerteventura so had to ask his friend Domenica ..

We got home Thursday evening then yesterday we visited the Mums, did some shopping and collected my computer from PC World where it had been for much needed TLC.    The computer was returned with factory settings so David has spent hours reinstalling all the programmes I use - very time-consuming but (touch wood) the computer does seem to be much happier now.   Its such a relief to have my old machine back as I hate David's laptop

I did a bit more work on Alfonso today - adding more detail to his jacket and tweaking skin/hair colour a little.     Tomorrow should see him finished I think.

I heard today that 'Hair Braider's Daughter' made it past the jury so she will be on display at the UKCPS Open International Exhibition in London in May this year.    My other entries didn't make it but that's quite a relief as I need to submit 4 pictures for a local exhibition in Whitstable in March and was getting a little worried about completing the entries in time ... now I have some ready-made pictures in reserve to fill in any gaps.

This means that I will now have had pictures accepted into 8 annual Int'l Exhibitions so I'm on my way to UKCPS Gold Membership.    Acceptance of works into exhibitions over 5 years gave me Silver Membership and now I need to reach the level of 10 acceptances.   I've been a member of the UKCPS for 9 years but only entered the annual exhibition 8 times so I'm very pleased to have scraped through again this year.

Standards are definitely getting higher and for the last couple of years the UKCPS have allowed mixed media entries (so long as the works contain at least 51% coloured pencil) which I think has made it more attractive to some artists.

I think its going to be a great exhibition so will post details of the venue etc nearer the time and hope some of you may be able to visit


J. Gibson Art Studio said...

Alfonso looks great, Sue!

Congratulations on the Hair Braider's Daughter getting accepted into the UKCPS Exhibitions! It was my favorite piece of those you entered. Yaaaaay! Your gold membership is in sight!

CrimsonLeaves said...

He's gorgeous! But then I have a wee bit of a crush on the guy! LoL Congratulations on your acceptance into the show, Sue. Comes as no surprise to me, though I admit I'm surprised that all of your submissions didn't make it through. Glad you got computer issues resolved; always a pain! Can't wait to see pic of your coming grandbaby!

Studio at the Farm said...

Alfonso is wonderful!!! Love his smile :) Congradulations with all your shows, Sue, and I wish you all the best with achieving the gold status in the UKCPS!!!

Jo said...

Delighted the Hair Braider's Daughter was accepted. Alfonso is looking really good. I can see the Peter Pan reference.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

congrats on Hair Braider's Daughter getting in! :D

he looks like an Alfonso, the portrait is looking good :)