Friday, 13 March 2015


Is anybody here old enough to remember the Peter Cook/Dudley Moore sketch about

 "Tap, tap, tap at the bloody window pane. I looked out, you know who it was? Bloody Greta Garbo!"

Well, I'm being targetted by a very large black crow at the moment who thinks its funny to keep tapping on the patio doors with its beak around 10am every morning.      We live in a quiet location so the tapping is very intrusive and a bit spooky .... Despite being such huge birds they are very timid and I've not managed to sneak up and photograph this one at work yet ... but I will!

Anyway, here's the Fisherman at Stage III, Lots more layers and colour in his face, sweater and background so he's looking more like himself now.  I do need to tone down the wrinkles a bit - looks like I've built a brick wall on his forehead at the moment.    

We've got a busy couple of days so no more work will be done on him till next week.

Have a great weekend everybody


CrimsonLeaves said...

Looking gorgeous! You do find the handsomest men!

Studio at the Farm said...

Sue, you have such a great talent for capturing fascinating faces. The fisherman has the most piercing eyes. Love how he is coming along!!!
Thank you very much for your comment on Voodoo. He is imposing and noble-looking, but with a hefty dose of goofiness when you get to know him. That will be the challenge - combining the austerity and the silliness :)
Kathryn XX

J. Gibson Art Studio said...

Hey Sherry, I think we have a lot of the same tastes in men, books and some other things but while I agree with you about Alfonso, this guy gives me the shivers! He almost looks dangerous but that just means the artist has done her usual fabulous job, doesn't it?!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

recite Poe to the crow and it might go away :p

Jo said...

I remember the comedians not the particular skit. I would find that rather irritating.

The fisherman is looking absolutely wonderful Sue. Way to go.

hmuxo said...

An amazing job, Sue. I love the progression on this portrait
and look forward to your next post!