Monday, 30 March 2015


I struggled on with the coloured pencil picture of the girl with the red hat and fan because I didn't want to waste the hours spent on it ... but I think I knew it was beyond redemption really.

I got it finished to the degree that it looks OK from a distance but its overworked and really doesn't stand up to close inspection.  I think that, unlike pastel work which you expect to view from a reasonable distance, coloured pencil work tends to be more detailed and gets scrutinised more closely.

I asked David for his opinion and he just said 'you've got to do it again - it isn't up to your usual standard is it?' and I had to agree .... so this is what I finished with

and now I have to decide whether to try again with this paper and ensure I use the 'right' side or perhaps go back to using Pastelmat paper and see how that works out ... a decision for tomorrow methinks!

I never like to re-do a picture/subject but recently a lovely e-friend/artist sent me a very interesting article about artists dealing with perceived failure or self-doubt and these are just a couple of lines I've borrowed from the article :

 ONLY when you fail do you get the chance to try again and again (and again) until you earn the success you’re striving for.

The key to staying positive and joyful even in the midst of failure is by being intentional about what your goals are, and moving PAST the failure.
Instead of saying: “I don’t know if I will ever get this right,” try phrasing like this: “I really look forward to seeing what this is going to look like when I work the kinks out.”
See the difference? One is filled with doubt while the other is certain of success, even when you’re not quite there yet.

What a great way of looking at things .... all I have to do now is make attempt 2 better than attempt 1 as I really like the subject (even though I've deviated from the ref. quite a bit here).


Studio at the Farm said...

Well, Sue, we are both heading back to the proverbial drawing board. Thank you for your sympathetic note, and the quote on today's blog post.
ONWARD ... !!!
Kathryn x

Jo said...

I like the subject too, but I think if you feel it is not up to standard then by all means, start again. Not nice to have to do but better than being dissatisfied. Obviously it looks somewhat different to you than it does on the internet.

Sue Clinker said...

Yep, disappointing but never mind. I'm not going to bin it just yet - it might be OK as a 'filler' if I need to put works into a local exhibition where I can offer it at a 'bargain price' LOL

CrimsonLeaves said...

I cannot see the flaws you see, Sue. But then it may be my eyes and monitor. Nevertheless, while I also never redo a previous work (the boredom factor), your words have me rethinking that as well. This piece is indeed worth redoing because I think it is beautiful!

J. Gibson Art Studio said...

I thought I posted last night but it evidently didn't go thru.
I don't see anything wrong with this but it doesn't look like a "work by Sue Clinker" either. Sounds like a great idea to hold it for a filler (only call it a "study" - sounds a little classier. lol)
This is a favorite of mine so please don't give up on it!
PS love the quote!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

sometimes drawings/paintings just don't work out and they get added to the recycling bin :p (or bonfire depending on your choice of disposal :p)