Thursday, 12 March 2015


I got a little bit more work done on this coloured pencil portrait today.   I added more colour layers to the hat and put in some basic skin tones.

Tomorrow I hope to get stuck into those wonderful wrinkles LOL


hmuxo said...

This is going to be so beautiful, Sue. Love him already..excellent shirt!!!

J. Gibson Art Studio said...

My goodness, Sue! You have made some remarkable progress - everyone I know who uses CP takes forever to complete a painting! This is wonderful as usual.

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you Hilda ... his shirt isn't finished yet but I just wanted to get the texture/lines in place ready for when I've done more work on his face.

He will look a little more 'fierce' once the wrinkles and whiskers are accentuated

Thanks Jan
I always think I spend too long on cp works ... but I do know cp artists who spend months on each drawing (and I don't have that sort of patience I'm afraid)

CrimsonLeaves said...

He's looking handsomer and handsomer!

Sue Clinker said...

haha, not sure I'd call him handsome but he has a very strong/stern sort of face. Wait till I get a few 'wrinkles' in place and make hime more weathered!