Thursday, 19 February 2015

19/02: PETER PAN Contd

I'd hoped to get his jacket finished today but it wasn't to be, too many distractions!     Tomorrow my sickly computer is going to hospital so this will be the last Blog post from here for a while.    We are making a short trip back to Fuerteventura for a friend's 60th birthday so I will find out my model's real name, I can't call him Peter Pan forever ...

You can probably tell from the dark cast on the photo that the weather is grim this afternoon - grey skies and heavy rain ...  no more artwork for me!    

Perhaps I should do some housework now ... or perhaps I'll just grab a glass of wine and chill out instead LOL


J. Gibson Art Studio said...

This a fabulous portrait, Sue - a real winner in my book. I think you've really captured the look of a happy go lucky, handsome man.

I think he'd be great on the cover of a romance novel! lol

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

wouldn't it be funny if his real name was Peter? :p

in case you didn't see my reply yo you on my blog
"had a look on google+ and I could see your posts no problem. 2 posts that look the same as far as i can tell show up on the 17th, so it must be posting them and the other is from when you shared it. its all new to me over there as well, shold use it more "

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jan. I really don't know this man but he's a good friend of a 'good friend' and I just love his smiley face.

Jennifer ... thanks for that ... I wasn't sure if my posts were going to Google+ circles as I can't see them but it seems they are .. my 4 year old Grand-daughter knows more about technology than I do .. LOL

CrimsonLeaves said...

I vote for the wine. He's gorgeous!