Sunday, 29 March 2015


Sorry, had a very busy weekend so haven't been doing much drawing or Blogging

Part of the reason I've abandoned the Sax on The Beach drawing for the moment is that I'm struggling with the texture of the Derwent watercolour paper.

Its the same paper I used for my coloured pencil portraits of the tramp and Alfonso .. but I think for the last couple of drawings I've been using the reverse side of the paper which has more 'tooth' which is good when building up colour layers in coloured pencil, but it has a very distinctive texture which isn't helpful when trying to put smooth layers down on skin textures etc.   The smooth side of the paper takes fewer layers but gives a nicer finish

Anyway, the girl's face/skintone just wasn't going right and the texture made her skin look mottley so I decided to give it a good spray of fixative and then work more subtle colours into it .. but the fixative just ran down the page and carried some of the colour with it. 

I'm pretty certain I can sort it out (as I really don't want to start over on this one)   but its a big learning curve and I'm actually quite happy that I can afford to experiment like this without worrying too much about adhering to the likeness in the photo (as with commission work).  I've moved away from the ref photo inasmuch as I've changed the fan colours and moved some of her braids which were obscuring her eyes etc - nice to be able to please myself in this respect.

This is a photo I took this afternoon when I just laid the frame/mount/glass over the drawing to see how it might look if I ever get it all finished ....  so there is a bit of 'glare' off the glass ..... with the colour-runs I think this looks a little like a watercolour painting so I'm quite pleased with the effect even though I will be changing it over the next couple of days

It is a very tight crop and I do have the option of having a new, slightly narrower mount/mat cut which will allow a little more space around the drawing .... but for the moment I just plan to carry on and see what happens.


J. Gibson Art Studio said...

I like the direction you're taking with this one and the frame is great with it. It really echos the texture in her hat and brings everything together.

Jo said...

Actually I rather like the effect of the running colours. It's a lovely picture anyway and the frame is so right for it all.

Studio at the Farm said...

Sue, even your works with "mistakes" [ I didn't know what else to call things learned while on an upward learning curve] look fantastic!!!
Thank you for your comment on the "Bums". YES, you are definitely allowed, even encouraged - to say that! It does look better standing on its own, and I think the size is such that I will be able to varnish it. Should look great.
Kathryn xx

CrimsonLeaves said...

I didn't click on the image to make it larger but I can't see the running colors. No matter; I love the tight crop. With the white background, I think the crop needs to be tight like this. It is a gorgeous overall look with your frame. Can't wait to see this finished and I'm dying to know how you will fix the runs (that I can't see!)!! LoL