Saturday, 6 December 2014


We're back from Fuerteventura where the weather wasn't great for the last 10 days ... naughty Jet Stream playing up caused storms and lots of rainfall - but the temperatures didn't drop below 22deg (shade) even on the dullest days .. so returning to wet/murky weather and temperatures of 7degrees was a bit of a shock.   Worse still is the fact that its so dark in Whitstable by mid-afternoon ... There is no time difference between Fuerteventura and UK but sunset is a couple of hours later so the extra daylight is a real boon.

Just a few pics from the Canaries ... as usual I took lots of photos but didn't get round to posting many.

What do you think of this house ... known locally as the 'icing house', for obvious reasons,  it is billed as one of the most unusual 15 houses from around the world

I think the sun shining through those coloured glass windows in the roof/chimney sections must look spectacular inside the house.

The film Exodus: Gods & Kings (directed By Ridley Scott & starring Christian Bale) was filmed on Fuerteventura back in the Summer when we were there.   It is being released this month so am looking forward to watching it.  There was an appeal for 'locals' to appear as extras in the crowd scenes but auditions were restricted to 'thin' people, preferably with beards/long hair and with no tattoos ... obviously the slaves freed by Moses had been wandering the desert for weeks and were hardly likely to be overweight ... I think the hardest task must have been finding non-tattooed people, particularly on Fuerteventura where it seems to be almost compulsory LOL.     

Don't know about you but I hate 'body art' and wonder just how weird some of the young folk's tattoos will look in 20 years time .... just a couple of pics taken this trip, but its becoming increasingly difficult to find anybody on the beach with non-adorned skin

Or am I just being an 'old fogey' ??

Anyway, we're back into a routine now and I finished/delivered one Christmas portrait yesterday and have made progress with another which I hope to finish (subject to approval) tomorrow.   

This is Ruby, a beautiful black working labrador and I'm safe posting pics as her owner won't see them apparently.    

It is difficult working on a black coat in such poor light but I'm getting there ...   

Then I have an exciting new project which, if all goes to plan, will keep me ticking over with work throughout next year so I'm going to struggle to get any exhibition work done ... watch this space


  1. I love the captured the silkiness of his fur! Beautifully painted.... I had to show my granddaughter that house..
    She loves it!! It is definitely an unusual
    As far as all the tattoos on everyone's body....I'm the old fogey in New York! I don't know if these people realize how difficult it is to take them off..and so many beautiful women do the same thing.
    but that's the world today.
    Again, your black Lab is outstanding!!!!

  2. I'm right with you about the tattoos. I think they are dreadful. Love that house, how very unusual. I hope you will go see the Paddington Bear movie, I can't wait til it comes to Canada. Friends involved in it's production and writing. Never met the author but know a lot of his family.

    Love the lab, looking great.

  3. i think that house is really cool looking, certainly eye catching :)

    I am a big fan of tattoos if done properly and by a good artist, that big back tattoo doesn't look too bad but needs more shading. they don't tend to look any different when older, maybe a bit faded but placement is everything and you get what you pay for when getting a tattoo :) difficult to take off, some colours are worse than others but it can be very painful, more then getting the actual tattoo :p

  4. Love the house. What must it be like inside I wonder? The lab has a lovely sheen on his coat, which must be hard to do in black. Just keep cosy and warm and doing your masterpieces.

  5. The lab is just stunning, Sue. House is definitely unique but I think I'd like it more without the icing. Body art...I rather like it myself. But then my art isn't the best so I admire artistic expression in most places.

  6. Hi Hilda and Jo ... looks as though we're in the minority re. tattoos. To my mind they'll always be associated with sailors and 'rebels' but these days its just fashion ... following the lead of footballers and other 'celebs' it seems. Just can't imagine how an 80 year old will look covered in tatts!

    Don't think I'll see Paddington Jo, despite the super line up of stars. Its a bit like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I think - so probably will save it till Grand-daughter is a bit older and take her then. I was never really a Paddington fan (preferred Pooh Bear) LOL

  7. Hi Jennnifer and Polly. Shame we couldn't get to see the inside of the house but its certainly a little 'different'.

    Still struggling to get to grips with being back in the English Winter ...not so much the cold, but the lack of daylight hours.

  8. Sherry, I haven't been on Blogger for a few weeks and have to say how amazing you look - new hair colour/style? Weight loss. Fantastic... hope things are looking brighter for you now ... you certainly look wonderful.

  9. I'm another non-fan of tatoos - "back in the day" they were considered to be had by low-lifes only and that has stuck in my mind. My daughter and granddaughters have them and my granddaughter's creepy little boyfriends and while interesting to look at, I can't see the allure.

    The lab looks great in spite of your working conditions! Cold and rainy here after very warm temps in Florida this past week.

    Can't wait to hear about your new project! We're watching the space!

  10. The frosting house looks like a giant gingerbread house to me, would love to see the inside. Will see if I can find pictures on line. While I think body art can be very interesting and artistic, I share your sentiments in wondering what it will look like 20+ years from now when skin changes!

    Your lab portrait is wonderful and I look forward to your exciting new project.

  11. Thanks Jan and Kendra. Merry Xmas to you both and will 'see you' in the New Year


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