Friday, 7 November 2014


Known as the Windy Island, what better place to stage a Kite Festival than our very own sand dunes at Corralejo?

Today we walked along the  Dunes (and its a fairly long walk) to see some of the wonderful kites on this, the second day of the four day festival.   Its the 27th Annual Festival and attracts flyers from all over the world.

Here's David doing his Lawrence of Arabia thing .....

Should have hopped on a camel ... would have been quicker

Today was 'free fly' day and tomorrow is a bigger event when professionals with stunt kites show their skills.  Sunday is family day when over 150 kites are handed out to kids to have a go while running around trying to catch sweets dropped from the air by little parachuting teddy bears ... bless    Followed by a Firework display in the evening as the Spaniards do like a noisy finale to most events!

These are some of the fabulous kites on display whilst we were there but others were coming and going all the time:  Lovely blue skies this morning although its clouded over this afternoon - not bad for November eh?


  1. I went to a similar thing on the beach in North Carolina. Don't remember nearly so many different kites - these are quite spectacular.

  2. You all must have had a great time! Those don't look as much like kites as the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons!

  3. Wow! Amazing photos, Sue...thank you for sharing..I've never seen balloons this size before!!!

  4. I meant kites!!! Love all the colors as well...

  5. o.0 those are amazing photos! what a neat thing to see in person :D

  6. Mind boggling kites. I have never seen the like. Enjoy the rest of your stay

  7. They are certainly spectacular ... but I especially loved the 'kites' which were anchored lower and just bumped around on the sand - they looked so funny. I might be upload a couple of short videos (Blogger permitting)

  8. Beautiful photos, Sue! Especially love that kaleidoscopic wheel with the dancer pose in the center.

  9. What a wonderful sight!!! Love all the photos of these amazing kites - thank you, Sue!

  10. I enjoyed your photos of the trip, the kites are beautiful and so different from what I've seen. On this cold, gray day I am enjoying your sunny pictures!


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