Sunday, 21 December 2014


So after today we can start to look forward to longer days and shorter nights ... not a moment too soon!

I haven't been on Blogger for an age - I keep making the excuse that I've been too busy but really I think my time management skills need honing so that's going to be my resolution for 2015 haha!

Although I finished the black lab a while ago, it was the last Christmas Portrait to go.  It has now been received safely and hidden till Thursday.  This was the final progress photo

We have family coming to us for Christmas so despite not being 'Christmassy' folk, we've had to make an effort this year.   The tree has gone up and been decorated this afternoon and a few Christmas ornaments/decorations strewn around the place.       This is David's contribution - the lights are on the ledge outside his 'office' window - you can just about make out his silhouette (sitting at his computer) indoors. 

I plan to start work on the first of a series of graphite drawings over the holidays (time permitting).  Its an exciting venture for me.  An RAF squadron (no names, no pack drill) want to resurrect a tradition of having drawings/sketches made of their serving personnel.  During World War II one of the lady squadron members was an artist and she spent her free time drawing/sketching squadron men/women.   The resulting pictures are in the RAF Museum.  She drew them from life, I'll be working from photos but I'm looking forward to starting work on the first 'guinea pig' soon.  

Anyway, Happy Christmas to all my Blogging friends and looking forward to catching up in 2015


  1. This portrait is gorgeous, Sue! Someone will be so very grateful and happy! Well done! Love the Bah Humbug lights!

  2. What a privilege to undertake something like that. Love the humbug sign but love the dog portrait better!! Happy whatever you are doing. xx

  3. Thanks Sherry and Polly. Who can resist a man in uniform eh??

  4. That project does sound exciting! Keep us updated on how it's going, please! The dog portrait is SO good, Sue. I can imagine how difficult that black fur would be!! Wow! I think you're going to catch the Christmassy bug this year. It does get addicting! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  5. You really did a super job with the black lab. Beautiful looking fur and his nose looks so real. Love the sound of your airmen job. Should be fun. You two need someone to shake you up into Christmas. It is actually a fun time of year although I think I should send Matt over to you, that sign would be right up his street.

  6. love that sign!! :D

    what a huge undertaking drawing all of the serving people, (probably not all men in uniform tho, possibly some gals to?)

  7. This is it - the longest night, and I am SO looking forward to the longer days!!!
    Your Lab is a beauty, Sue! And I look forward to seeing your graphite works of the squadron.
    Happy Bah Humbug to you and David!!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by ladies ... and a Happy (Bah Humbug) Christmas to you all ... see you in 2015

  9. That portrait almost makes me cry as it looks so much like our last Lab (mix). The look in his eyes is perfect.
    We haven't been feeling particularly Christmasy either since the recent death of my MIL. It's the hustle and bustle stuff though but just thinking on the "reason for the season" makes it beautiful.
    Congratulations on your RAF squadron drawings commission! It's exciting for you and I know the airmen will be so blessed to have them.

  10. Hi Sue, even though I am new to your blog I am a big fan of your art. This is such a gorgeous portrait. Happy 2015, I hope that it will bring you much love, peace, joy and prosperity.


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