Monday, 29 December 2014


I've just been topping up the bird seed feeders and breaking ice on the drinking/bathing bowls for our feathered friends.   Now my hands are so cold I can barely type ... and drawing will have to wait till my fingers have defrosted.

This is the latest version of the graphite RAF portrait which I've now sent to the squadron for approval.   The guy who is co-ordinating the project likes the drawing but has emailed the picture to the 'subject' for final approval before I can call it finished and give it a spray of fixative.

and what it will look like in one of the double mounts I used for my graphite portraits:

In the meantime, I've moved onto a small coloured pencil work as I really need to get something ready for submission to the UKCPS exhibition which is in London this year.    Deadline for entries is 11 February but we will be very busy in January and I won't have time to do much artwork for myself/exhibitions.    

For the first time I'm drawing a bird ... one of the cheeky little Blue Tits from my garden - I spend enough time watching them so I figured its about time I tried drawing one although they're a little bit outside my comfort zone.   If it doesn't look too bad I'll post pics when I've made a bit more progress


J. Gibson Art Studio said...

Looks really good and I'm sure the subject will be pleased also. I really like your chosen mount with it too.
Can't wait to see your blue tit!

Jo said...

Love the RAF picture. I am sure he will approve.

Competing with Mike now? LOL.

Happy New Year Sue.

Studio at the Farm said...

It looks so good mounted, Sue! And I look forward to seeing the bird drawings.
Kathryn xx

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you Jan.
Thank you Jo, and No, I don't think Mike has anything to worry about LOL
Birds aren't my preferred subject but I have so many ref. photos I feel I should tackle one (or more).

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Kathryn and thank you for commenting.