Saturday, 27 December 2014


Well, here in Whitstable on the Kent coast we escaped the snow that fell over quite a lot of England but we had very windy weather throughout the night which wreaked havoc in the garden, overturning our BBQ (together with its gas canister) and generally throwing lots of things around which weren't anchored down.   Luckily there was no structural damage though.

It has been cold and gloomy today so a good excuse to do nothing but sit and draw/relax a bit.  The good thing about working with graphite is I don't have to worry about matching colours so don't need to have the daylight bulbs on.

This is where I've got to with the graphite portrait of the first RAF aircrew member ... I'll go back to the face/features tomorrow but then I'll need guidance from the man himself, or at least the RAF guy who is co-ordinating the project ..

This is a scan - it has still picked up a grey cast but I'll show it 'as is' at this stage

This was a photograph which I tried to brighten/remove the cast from - but I'm not very good with photo manipulation and you can see 'grey areas' around the stray hairs, plus he looks as though I've given him a Mr Spock ear ... I'm such a technophobe!!


  1. Just got frost here but the mountains look like they got a bit of snow. Supposed to get more here, but i think it will just be really cold :/

    The portrait looks nice, he looks like he is in charge :)

  2. I think the top picture is great and I really like it.

    Assume the rellies are all gone now. Nice to have a peaceful day.

  3. Look at you making progress with this so quickly and looking good! I'm sure the airman (? is that what they're called?) is going to love it.

  4. We've had a few flakes of snow this evening but not enough to settle ... it feels very cold here though as its windy still.
    Yep I'm pleased with progress so far but now just need to know how detailed to go on the face ... none of us likes to see 'all' the laughter lines etc, after all.... LOL


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