Monday, 29 December 2014


I've been 'home alone' today and had no inclination to do housework or anything stupid like that LOL

Without hubby interrupting me every 20 minutes cos he's bored, I've been able to spend a few hours at the drawing board and this is where I got with the little Blue Tit picture

I'm using coloured pencils on light grey pastelmat because the 'soft' surface of the pastelmat paper enables me to 'smudge' the coloured pencils to get the fuzzy background effect I'm aiming for.   The downside of using pastelmat is that I find the coloured pencil seems to 'sink' into the paper slightly after a while, dulling the colours and making very fine lines hard to achieve.     To counter this I've sprayed it lightly with Fixative a couple of times and then reworked it to brighten the colours again - particularly the yellow feathers.

I'll work more on it tomorrow and then put it to one side for a while .. not sure yet if it will be an entry for the UKCPS, much will depend what else I can produce in the meantime.   Just in case .... no critique please.

This looks brighter on my screen than in reality - joys of taking photos in poor light.   I'll get a better photo in daylight tomorrow.


  1. So sweet, Sue! I think these little birds look so cheerful all the time.

  2. I think he is cute Sue. I think Mike will agree.

    Know what you mean about being interrupted.

  3. This is gorgeous! Happy 2015 and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  4. Thanks Jan, Jo and Linda (love the Avator Linda)


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