Friday, 28 February 2014


Lovely blue skies and warm sunshine at the moment but we have a week of cloudy weather from Monday apparently (but still 15 degrees warmer than Whitstable where we've just heard from the 'house-sitters' that its grey, cold and drizzly)!

When in India last month we were taken to a hotel to freshen up prior to flying from Cochin airport to Mumbai and then home to England.   We had spotted the hotel and had a giggle at the name .... before we realised that was our destination.   Actually it wasn't ABAD hotel although it didn't have a Bar!

I photographed it and David submitted 3 of the pics to  the Daily Telegraph 'Sign Language section'. It's where arrogant Brits mock foreign people too lazy to learn English properly - basically a collection of photos of funny/misspelt signs etc.

Just had an email from Daily Telegraph saying we'd won Funniest Sign of the Week and our prize is a copy of Sign Language 3 book (a collection of the best photos submitted by Daily Telegraph readers)

Here's the link if you want to see this week's selection of 'funnies' including our photo

Telegraph Article

otherwise, this is the hotel


Studio at the Farm said...

ABAD Hotel??? That's hilarious!!!
Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Sue!! And the brilliant idea! ... more geese are in the planning stage. :)
Kathryn XX

CrimsonLeaves said...

Love your sense of humor, Sue!

Jo said...

There really are some hilarious mistake with language. See a lot on Facebook.

As for you too, we are up to our ears in snow, so shut up about your warm weather please. It's so bad over here, even Florida isn't the haven it's supposed to be in the winter. Actually living in an apartment it doesn't affect me, but I feel so sorry for those, particularly elderly people, who have had to do so much driveway shovelling.

Sue Clinker said...

I'm looking forward to reading the 'prize' which features lots of this sort of photograph

Sorry (LOL) to hear about your cold spell Jo .... Its supposed to be 21deg here (shade) but in our sheltered garden its much hotter than that, in fact I was sitting by the pool reading a book but have come indoors for a while to cool off!!

hmuxo said...

Okay, I'm really jealous, Sue. Your vacations are starting to annoy and the name of the hotel is really funny! We're getting ready for the snow tomorrow..I'm getting tired and really need some sun!! Enjoy!!

Jan said...

I'm with Jo about your weather - even here it's much cooler than usual.

Congrats on winning the contest - I know you'll enjoy your prize!

Sue Clinker said...

Well India was a 'one-off' for us. Since we bought our holiday home on Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) we spend any free time here, particularly in the winter months to escape the British snow/rain.

I'm not going to apologise as we both worked hard to get 'early retirement' and we intend to enjoy it LOL

We are due some cloudy cooler weather now so I expect we'll go out walking a lot more and hopefully trying out the new camera.