Monday, 10 February 2014


Apart from unpacking suitcases and doing loads of washing (and then catching up on phone and email messages) we had a lazy day on Friday.

Saturday we had to do a grocery shop and in the evening we attended a fundraising event (Quiz Night)  for Air Ambulance where David made a short presentation and thanked the organisers who have pledged that they will raise enough money to send the Air Ambulance on one mission each year in memory of their son who sadly didn't make it through after his motor accident (despite the best efforts of the Air Ambulance).   The cost of each flight is currently around £2,500 and so far this couple have met their target.

We got home at midnight to find that our electricity supply had failed.   We had lights but no power to the sockets/circuits around the house.    Our distribution box (fuse box as it used to be in the old days) tripped if we put more than one circuit on at once.     We managed to get the phones working so David could call our insurers/emergency helpline but at midnight on a Saturday the best we could do was arrange for a phone call from an electrician next morning between 8 and 10am and the promise of a 'call out' within 24 hours.

To cut a long story short .... the electrician came around lunchtime Saturday and spent an hour trying to isolate/locate the fault.    In the end he decided that our consumer box needed a new part (which he didn't carry) and the insurers said they would order but could take a week to arrive - they seemed to be happy with that decision but we weren't ........ luckily our electrician said he had a 'mate' living locally who might have the part in stock .... and he did.    So an hour later the part was installed and (touch wood) seems to have done the trick!     We were able to go ahead with our family visits in the afternoon and get back on schedule.

This morning our builder arrived to start work on 'tarting up' the downstairs bathroom - nice guy and very fast working ... and he cleaned up/hoovered as he went (well trained).     He has been let down by the suppliers so installation of the new units may be delayed but he has removed the old wall tiles and made a great start on re-tiling  .... I'd hoped to shut myself away and get on with drawing today and leave David to deal with any decisions ... but he wasn't brave enough so I found myself being called out regularly to give instructions LOL

I've done more work on the graphite portrait - finishing the hands/tie area and then darkening the jacket etc.  I will need to get a better photograph tomorrow to send to the client for approval/critique but think this is just about finished now and I have 2 more to start for exhibitions fairly soon.

I now have two horses in the pipeline (which isn't as painful as it sounds)  but both are to be started in a couple of months time so something to look forward to when the weather is better and the horses get their summer coats.


Jo said...

Glad your problems got sorted OK.

Love this picture, hope the recipients will feel the same.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

glad your electrical problem got fixed, and the insurers are crazy if they think a week without power o.0

always nice to have a builder that cleans up after themselves rather then hiding everything under the floor boards. we had the floor boards up in this house, and I know its a council house but that no reason for the builders to put their garbage under the floor :/

Polly Birchall said...

What a nightmare, thinking you may be without leccy for a week! Glad it's sorted. Wow, your client will be thrilled with this drawing, amazing you are, really!

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jo - will find out today if they're happy with the portrait.

I agree Jennifer - we'll keep this guy's details to hand as he's very nice and obliging (and gets the job done it seems).

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you Polly (BLUSH) !!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Loved your "not as painful as it sounds" comment, Sue. Made me laugh. This portrait turned out beautifully. The texture in the chair itself makes me want to touch it and feel the softness. I think your client will be happy.

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you Sherry. This picture has been hanging around for a while so I start getting twitchy at this stage. Need to get it approved and despatched before I get tempted to tweak it and overwork it.

Jan said...

This looks really good & I also think your client will be pleased.