Saturday, 15 February 2014


Yet more horrible storms overnight and all through today ... we had a few power-cuts but thankfully none lasted long enough to cause problems - just irritating as had to keep re-setting the oven clock, computers, printers etc.

During a 10 minute respite from the rain/hail we had some wonderful rainbows and pink skies.  This was the back of our house around 4pm.

According to the forecasters, tomorrow will be relatively calm and then more storms next week but much less severe than those we've experienced over the last few days.     BUT the Telegraph Online carried the 'sensational headline' that we could be in-line to receive the snow/ice currently crippling USA and Canada ... something to look forward to in a week's time (not)!

I'm a bit disappointed that the Indian man I drew on 'unidentified paper' seems to have lost some of his colour overnight.  I know this happens sometimes with coloured pencil on soft surfaced paper - the colour seems to be absorbed.  I sprayed it with fixative this morning and reapplied some colour but it isn't as vibrant as before.    I will leave it for a few days and add another fine layer of colour and hopefully that will restore it.

So, rather than risk using the paper again, I thought I'd switch back to Clairefontaine Pastelmat which is promoted as a pastel paper, but I quite like it for coloured pencils.   I have one sheet of Sienna colour in my stock.  Thats a fairly bold colour but I think it suits the current subject ...

First stage of second 'Indian Character'  now I've photographed it I can see I need to slim his face down a lot, and adjust his left eye (our right), he looks too 'clean and pretty' just now so will need to roughen him a litte -  but this is 'early days'.    You can tell when I'm not really concentrating as I 'flit' around the picture adding bits all over the place ... not good practice as 'the experts' will always advocate working top left to bottom right (if right handed) to avoid smudging work ... but I prefer to live dangerously at times  LOL

Tomorrow we visit the family.    The driving conditions should be OK but it will still mean us being out all day.   This evening I need to put together a file of photos from India to show the Mums.   They both live in sheltered accommodation without internet access so we need to create an album that can be shown on the laptop as a slideshow.      Now all I have to do is decide which ones they might like, both were amazed that we'd consider India as a holiday destination!

Hope you are all staying warm, dry and healthy - roll on Spring/Summer!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i would die without a net connection :p

like how you have done the pattern on this turban :)

Jo said...

His face does look a tad plump doesn't it? Sorry about the colours on the previous one. Hope you can fix it OK.

At the moment we are not having any snow here.

Polly Birchall said...

These chaps are full of character. Your Mums will be fascinated by your hol. Do hope the storms are not as bad next week for you.

hmuxo said...

Sue...this is SO amazing...I love this portrait ...I need to see this one finished!!! Love it!

Jan said...

Wonderful, Sue! This is another one I want to see finished! I like the background color.