Tuesday, 18 February 2014

18/02: WHY IS IT ..... ?

Why is it that on a normal Tuesday morning nobody visits my house ....  but ..... on the day I decide to put a hair colour on to cover the hmmmmm blonde(?) .... OK, grey hairs, I had postmen delivering parcels and charity collectors wanting to chat/get donations.  

Pity that the parcel delivery wasn't the new camera ... yes, we've sold my old camera on eBay and my my existing one, the Panasonic FZ200 will become 'No 2' camera.  I'm hoping the new one Panasonic FZ700 will be almost the same to use but with a much better zoom capacity which is the one area I'm not happy with on the current camera.  The current one goes from Optical 48x and Digital up to 96x but on digital zoom small objects (like birds) get fuzzy - its ok for landscapes though.    The new one offers 60x and 120x which I'm hoping will make a difference.   Either way, I do like the Panasonic 'Bridge' cameras - for a non-techie person they aren't too difficult to use.

So, despite the interruptions I now have brown hair again ... which reminds me I really need to spend a bit of time on this Blog and remove/change some of the out-of-date stuff - including that profile photo of me which is way out of date now.  Sadly I'm much older  (and hopefully wiser) and definitely a tad larger/greyer!  I don't like having my photo taken but will have to get David to take one later in the week.

I'm just about finished on the 2nd Indian drawing now - again the colour hasn't photographed true but I left it too late in the afternoon to get good light.    I've found that a couple of the Pastelmat paper colours differ considerably depending on time of day, and tonight it looks more 'orange' like this first photograph, but in the morning looks more 'pink' like the second.

Anyway, I'm just getting the place tidied a little as we've got friends popping round for a chat very soon and we may or may not go out for a meal.

Tomorrow is my Hospice eBay voluntary job day so no artwork but after that I've got to do a quick check on exhibition/competition deadline dates to work out which ones I'd like to enter.      I know one of the wildlife exhibitions is introducing a section specifically for British Wildlife this year so maybe its time to stop drawing Indians and start drawing squirrels ..  heaven knows I've got enough photos of the little tree rats in our garden to choose from.


  1. This is a fantastic portrait! It leaves one speechless... the rich colors and perfect skin tones are amazing, Sue. Congratulations!

  2. This painting is awesome! I love the way you work the colors throughout the piece, and the skintones just seem to glow. I have that same issue with photographing artwork at different times of day. I usually have to wait until mid morning to get my best photos. You are very knowledgeable about those cameras! I wish I knew more about my own camera.

  3. Wow! This portrait is very special. One of your best in my humble opinion. Laughing at the thought of you with your dye on .... or should I say conditioner!!! Wonder if I will recognise you from your new photo, taken with your new camera???

  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies.
    I had fun with this one and Pastelmat has definitely gone to the top of my list again as a great support for cps (well for pics like this anyway)
    Off to 'work' now so have to dash

  5. I gave up the ghost on coloring my hair. The gray line showed up anywhere my hair parted within a week and I was more embarrassed by that than I am by a headful of gray. Ah well...

    Love this portrait and especially on the more orange-y background. Which of the two colors is more correct?

  6. A new camera already, you haven't had No. 2 all that long.

    I love this portrait, but One comment his turban looks like it's perched on his head, do they wear them like that. There was an Indian at my docs yesterday and the turban was wrapped from the neck up. Different kind of turban mind you.

  7. Fascinating face, and beautifully rendered, Sue!! WHich direction does the color really go - orange or pink? I have the same gripe about trying to reproduce color onto the computer screen. :)
    Kathryn X

  8. The Sienna colour is closer to orange/rust than pink in reality but that and the Pastelmat Maize colour both seem to get much brighter/darker in poor light - I stopped using maize for that very reason.

  9. Jo, his turban is definitely of the 'perched on top' variety - he is one of the snake charmers I photographed in Jaipur


    Sikhs tie/wear their turbans a specific way - they don't cut their hair and their turbans are signs of their Spiritualism and honour. the three colors most commonly worn are apparently white, deep blue, and saffron orange. White turbans are worn to extend the aura and the person’s projection. Royal blue or navy blue turbans are common among Sikh ministers The blue is the color of the warrior and of protection. Saffron orange is the third Sikh color and is commonly worn by Sikhs worldwide. Orange represents wisdom.

    Other Indians seem to tie/wear turbans however they please, sometimes just as a pad to help carry heavy loads on their heads.

    David used my old camera whilst in India and he struggled with it. It was his idea to upgrade and as I am the main photographer I'll get the newer one (assuming I like it) and he'll inherit my current one .... that's the plan anyway.

  10. the portrait has a very intense stare, very well done :)

    i'm sure the postman has seen a lot more then hair colouring when delivering mail....hate to think actually some of the things probably seen 0.0

  11. Yep
    Sure the postman has seen lots more interesting things but just making the point that we live in a quiet place and nothing much happens ... until we'd rather not have visitors and they all turn up at once !!

  12. I could have sworn I commented on this post but will make a quick comment to say it looks great. Who cares who sees you in hair color? I couldn't keep up with it either so at least I won't have the problem of unexpected visitors with it on!

  13. Hi Jan.
    Its not a major problem being seen with the hair colour on - just that by its very nature I couldn't put a towel on top of the wet hair. Hair colours always look much darker when applied so any drips look like black stripes on the face/neck ...

    I wish I could go uniformly grey like my maternal grandmother - beautiful shade of steel grey with lighter streaks. I just have some grey patches at the sides, under the fringe which aren't attractive .. maybe I need to mature for another five years LOL


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