Sunday, 16 February 2014


Woke up this morning and thought I'd gone deaf - no howling wind outside, rain crashing against windows etc - just birds twittering and glorious blue skies.  Long may it last 

We have a day of family visits scheduled so won't be enjoying the good weather - I would have loved to take a walk along the beach as we're long overdue a decent walk.  The builder is back here tomorrow to finish the bathroom so another 'trapped' indoors.  

If you followed our Blog about our travels in India recently you may recall one of the photos I posted showing a 'dutiful wife' carrying her husband's tiffin tin to work.

There's an article on the BBC website today about 'Tiffin Time in Mumbai' which is quite interesting - here's the link

Tiffin Time in Mumbai

Gives new meaning to our phrase 'meals on wheels' doesn't it?


CrimsonLeaves said...

What a fabulous photo! I'm guessing the tin is the man's lunch? How does she get back home?

Sue Clinker said...

Those tins stack, each little stacking unit holds a curry dish so he has a complete home-cooked curry meal there.

Its a man's world still in India so maybe she has to walk LOL or perhaps she's allowed to ride the bike home. Women generally don't wear crash helmets out there so, rather her than me!

Jo said...

I loved that photo when I saw it the first time. Haven't checked the article yet. Will do later.

Jo said...

I hadn't remembered, but I saw a programme on TV about something like this. Maybe the same thing. Those racks must be damned heavy. I wonder how much it costs to send your hubby's lunch to him every day by dabbawalla (sp)?

Sue Clinker said...

Don't know Jo, but its an amazing statistic isn't it? 200,000 home-cooked curries transported to Mumbai offices each day. I wonder if they stay warm and if not how they get heated at their destination.

Jan said...

I wondered how she would get home also. The system must work or they wouldn't keep on doing it, would they?