Monday, 17 February 2014


If I was clever enough I'd have posted a link to the Manic Monday song by Bangles ... but everything I looked at required me to sign up to sites I'd probably never use again ... so you'll have to look it up on YouTube and hum it to yourself    LOL

Our bathroom builder turned up just before 8am and got everything in place/tiling finished by 3pm so as he left we decided to dash out to Herne Bay, a neighbouring seaside town that boasts a flooring shop etc.    All we needed was to select some vinyl flooring (to be fitted) and I had in mind something in swirly aqua shades of blue/green/turquoise.    Like hell!      After trawling through more than 50 books of vinyl floor samples we found nothing I liked.     It seems that the manufacturers dictate the fashion trends in flooring and at the moment its all fake wood vinyl or fake tile designs (most of which were too big/ornate for the relatively small area of floor we need to cover).   There were some funky floors - jigsaw patterns in vibrant colours etc., but we have to live with this for several years so need to be relatively conservative but why not 'bathroom' colours??

Anyway, we 'settled' for something we both 'quite liked' but its much darker than I'd planned  .... fingers crossed it will work.   Once the flooring is laid (next Tuesday) the plumber/builder has a couple of small jobs to finish and hey ho bathroom completed!

Our trip to Herne Bay was productive as we polished off half a dozen small jobs that have been hanging around for ages ... trips to a couple of Banks to sort out financial stuff, buying some nice birthday cards, trip to the Rubbish Tip/Recycling plant to bury the old BBQ and lots of old kitchen knives, lightbulbs, printer ink cartridges - all the sort of stuff which has been cluttering up our cupboards for weeks.

I also had to return a pair of sandals I'd bought specially to wear in India, which broke the first time I wore them - such a pain as they just added to our luggage weight without being practical ...

Whilst waiting for the bathroom stuff to be finished this morning I did more work on the 2nd 'Indian Character'.   The Sienna colour Pastelmat isn't easy to photograph as it changes colour from pink to orange in different lights .. (this is the more pink look) but I'm really enjoying working on it with coloured pencil.   I think I have some grey pastelmat in my stock so might try that next - just have to find the right subject from the many I photographed

I was working on his clothing today but will go back and add fine details to his face tomorrow.

I've had several emails over the last few days inviting me to submit entries to exhibitions/competitions and just as I'm feeling really motivated again, we'll be flying off to the Canaries where I can't/don't draw so I won't be taking advantage of all the opportunities.    I do hope to enter a couple of pieces though ... keep those whips cracking!


  1. This is absolutely fantastic, Sue! Beautiful details. I really look forward to seeing your next post..!!! I just posted my painting of the Indian woman at the market.

  2. Coming on really well.

    Sorry you had so much trouble with flooring. It is incredible that you can't find what you want in all those patterns. The one we have these days is of stone tiles and actually looks pretty good.

    You don't have a dump in Whitstable. What a pain.

    Just thinking of oysters for some reason.

  3. Thanks Hilda. Just going to check out your post now

  4. Sue, this is just another phenomenal piece and I look forward to seeing it finished. Sounds like you got much accomplished yesterday! Wish I could say the same.

  5. Hi Jo .. you know what it's like when you have a colour/design in mind and can't find anything that comes remotely close!! The whole downstairs in our house has light oak wood flooring so 'fake wood' lino would look odd. The stone/tile effect linos clashed with the walltiles so we were left with very few options - and nothing in the colours I'd envisaged.

    No 'tip' in Whitstable ... but Herne Bay is only a short drive for us so not really a problem - we'd just put off going for so long that we'd accumulated lots of junk. In last week's storms the BBQ and gas canister blew over (again) so that prompted us to get rid of it finally

  6. Hi Sherry
    I've just visited your blog and commented on that lovely painting of the red roses - how can you say you haven't been productive?

  7. Another super portrait, Sue! The colors really make the portrait sparkle too.

    Too bad about your flooring. I really hate it when the current fashion dictates are not what I would actually want. In the past, I've actually purchased items I though I might like for the future but unfortunately, not lino!

    Too bad you can't accept all the offers you've had. Are you sure you can't work in Fuerte?


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