Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Can't believe it has been so long since my last post.  

I've been suffering from 'ho hum' syndrome - couldn't drum up enthusiasm or impetus to get things done so lots of jobs started but all waiting to be finished and signed off.   I'd like to think I'm not the only one who gets an attack of this syndrome every now and then  :-)

Anyway, despite everything, lots has been happening in the last week or so and I'll need to backtrack a bit and post some of the 'odds and s*ds'

Firstly, now that David has recovered from his nasty tummy bug we've spent a few days at our voluntary jobs with Pilgrims Hospice.   I know I've mentioned Pilgrims lots of times before but it doesn't hurt to remind everyone that Pilgrims do a wonderful job for terminally ill patients (and their families) and rely on charity to survive.

Pilgrims have three Hospices in Kent   It needs to raise more than £10.5 million every year

There are 33 Pilgrims Hospice 'charity shops' in various towns throughout East Kent (all manned by volunteer staff) selling donated items to raise funds for the hospices.    Our eBay office sells the 'better quality' donated items via a wider internet marketplace and this is where we come in.   We research, photograph, describe, list the items on eBay which is time-consuming but very interesting. 

David tends to 'specialise' in antique/vintage silver, glass and suchlike - anything historical that needs lots of research which is what he loves to do.    I deal with a lot of the jewellery - some fine jewellery and a lot of nice quality costume jewellery.   Other volunteers look after the books, pottery/porcelain and clothes etc  -  it certainly keeps us on our toes.

Its always exciting when something like this happens ....

This is an Edwardian AA car badge which turned up in a box of items given to Pilgrims Hospices shop in Tenterden.  Bearing the serial number 8024 alongside an engraved signature of Stenson Cooke, who was the first secretary of the Automobile Association when it was formed in 1905, the badge is finished in chrome and came in a green baize-lined presentation box.

 It had actually spent a few weeks in the window of the charity shop priced at something like £2 until somebody recognised its potential and passed it on to our eBay office.    It has just been sold on Ebay for £870.  

The figure is a record amount for an item sold by the charity through our online auction site.  The buyer is a collector in Sweden.

There have been other startling results/sales but this is probably the best for us so far and of course it's all for a wonderful cause - Pilgrims Hospices

OK ... that's it for tonight.    


Jo said...

How amazing, lucky it didn't get sold for two quid.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the power of ebay, nice sum of money for the charity :)