Monday, 8 April 2013


I won't have any artwork to show till tomorrow so have been tidying up/deleting some of the many photos taken in Fuerteventura.   I carry my camera most days when we're out and about and just snap away at anything that takes my fancy - most pictures end up being deleted, others are kept on my ever-increasing 'to draw' list.

Here are some of the four legged Fuerte characters I met

'behind bars' ... these two lovely mutts look as though they've been jailed.   Cute aren't they?  They were on the balcony of an apartment in town and very interested in everything that was going on around them

I've got lots of close-up photos of this beautiful labrador's face - he has the most gorgeous eyes.   He was 'on guard' outside a storeroom opposite where David and I had our Easter Morning coffee and cakes.    Fuerteventura really is a great place to 'chill out' for people and animals both

This is how David chills out on a warm afternoon - was this really only 4 days ago??

Whilst at the beach bar I couldn't resist this moggy.   Note the clipped ear so our friend 'Catwoman' has taken care of neutering this semi-feral cat.    He was wary of us at first

But its a lovely cosy spot against the sun-warmed wall

and finally .... fast asleep and ignoring us totally.   What a lovely life

Another 'neighbour' at the bar.  Not reknown for their brains, these birds.    Who'd want to perch on a cactus?

I must confess my personal preference is for the larger breeds of dogs but this little Yorkie is a much loved companion to an English lady living on Fuerte who is wheelchair bound after suffering a brain tumour and stroke.    I have lots of photos of the dog but, despite having got the dog's lead in the way, I like this one best because she is smiling ... she was quite a character and I'm sure I'll be drawing her pretty soon.

but not all animals are as spoiled/loved as her. 

 Early in our holiday I spotted two elderly cats in the garden of an empty villa.  They appear to be related and both have clipped ears indicating they've been spayed.  One of them has an ugly growth on its face so I photographed the cats and sent pics to Catwoman.    Last week we went with Catwoman to see how the cats were faring.   They were very thin and very timid (the one with the growth was very spitty/hissy) so until Lynne (Catwoman) can establish if anybody owns them she will visit every other day and take food and water to them - we're sponsoring these two cats by paying for food etc.  Not sure whether the growth is a wart or is cancerous but at the moment the cat doesn't seem too worried by it.

I suspect they have been 'dumped' by their owner ... but would love to be proved wrong.   Lynne will keep us updated.

So ... sorry for the lengthy post but I need to clear some of the pictures ... and anyway, it fills the gap till I can show some progress pictures on the commissions.


Jo said...

I enjoyed the pictures, thanks for sharing. I love to see cat pix. I hope the last couple do have an owner, but it doesn't look like of it. Great of you to sponsor them.


Jan/ said...

Great pics, Sue! Thanks for sponsoring the two cats. I hope they don't have owners or I would have to smack them for being such negligent owners! Keep us posted on them.

The two little white dogs look something like our little Maltese, CiCi. Hope they aren't as spoiled as she is though! After having large Labs for 20 years, she is something of a culture shock. lol

Can't wait to see the little Yorkie as painted by you too.

Great photos - so glad you carry your camera around with you.