Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Added spots and some mane today and generally tidied everything up a bit.    I photographed the picture in decent light this afternoon so this is pretty true - just waiting to hear whether the spots are prominent enough, I'm erring on the side of caution and just hope Zinc's mum doesn't know the precise location and size of each spot (LOL).      

Once I get approval I'll just add the whiskers to Zinc's muzzle and call the portrait finished.     I've enjoyed Zinc ... I do love horses.     Next 3 subjects are all dogs - but equally beautiful of course :-)


Polly Birchall said...

This is wondrous. Got to make time to see your work while in the Lakes later in the month

Katherine Thomas said...

It's so expressive! I love the tonality of the whole piece. I'm really awed by this.

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Polly. Thank you :-)
Have to say that my tiger isn't something I'm particularly proud of but it was all I had available to enter.

Thank you Katherine .... I struggled a little with this sanded surface but once all the gritty bits fell off (!!!) I enjoyed the experience.

I once drew an Appaloosa horse in coloured pencil so although this flea-bitten grey colour was a challenge, it didn't take nearly as much time to complete in pastel!

Jan/ said...

Wow, Sue! I'm impressed with the "flea bites" but also think you've done a super job on the background. It really enhances the horse without being overwhelming IMHO.

Can't help you with your blackbird but could be mites or moulting maybe?

Jo said...

I would say this is one of the best I've seen. Love it.


Sue Clinker said...

Thank you Jan and Jo, just waiting feedback from my client so going to make a start on a dog in the meantime

hmuxo said...

Horses are definitely the perfect subject for you!!! Beautiful!!!

Jenni said...

Have to agree with Jo, one of your best!