Thursday, 11 April 2013


I've ground to a temporary halt with commissions.   Awaiting feedback regarding the horse (Zinc) and confirmation re. ref photos for the dogs so I decided to use the time testing the Derwent watercolour paper I purchased recently.     The first A2 pad arrived damaged but I can cut the buckled sheets down to work smaller.   This is just slightly bigger than A4 size

I have grown used to using Pastelmat for my coloured pencil drawings and I think that its still my preference although this Derwent paper holds lots of layers and the picture grew quickly.   It isn't bright white but it is robust at 300gsm and did everything I wanted it to.

I worked with dry coloured pencils but the next test will be to use watercolour pencils ( a first for me)

This is the little Yorkie I photographed on Fuerteventura a week or so ago - I started her at lunchtime and this is about 5 hours work which is pretty fast for a coloured pencil picture on standard paper.    I expect cps work to go quickly on drafting film as it isn't possible to use many layers but 'normal' paper takes longer.

Mainly Derwent Coloursoft and Prismacolor pencils - so all wax based rather than oil or watercolours.

must confess I got a bit bored with it and rushed the ears and neckline fur (which shows) so I'll put it to one side now and maybe get back to it in the future

Hopefully will be able to start on one of the commissions tomorrow


  1. I'm really, really liking this, Sue! Colored pencil paintings are so beautiful when done well and you're certainly doing well on this! Can't wait for it all to come together.

    Also looking forward to your watercolor pencil work as I don't think I've ever seen any from you. A great test for the new paper!

  2. Fantastic, Sue!!! I can't wait to see this one finished.. I sometimes get bored with my paintings but learned to put it away as well!!

  3. Thanks Jan
    I need to break out of my 'comfort zone' and use different pencils etc .... watch this space :-)

    Thank you Hilda. I wouldn't normally spend so many hours in one day working on one picture - I prefer to have two or three on the go so I don't get 'stale' but having started this as a stop-gap I tried to finish it in one session - never a good idea! Hopefully I can rescue it another day

  4. I love this! And I love the idea of not having to build up so many layers. What brand of drafting film do you like best?

  5. Thank you Katherine. For this picture I've used Derwent watercolour paper which is a fairly new product.
    Because it took cp layers so well the drawing went quickly - hence my reference to working on drafting film.

    I have a large roll of (unnamed) drafting film which I bought from a draftsman via eBay a couple of years ago. It had been in storage since his retirement. I haven't tried the films which are sold specifically by art suppliers so can't compare them - it will take me some time to work through the film I bought.

    I may try this little dog again on drafting film to see how different it looks


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