Tuesday, 22 January 2013

22/01: THERE'S ALWAYS ONE ......

Now I've found the Panoramic View button on my camera I've been experimenting to see what works best.

I've taken lots of panoramas along the beach path from our house into Town.  I think its quite picturesque with a mixture of volcanic rocks, small sandy beaches and the islands of Lanzarote and Lobos in the background - and usually an assortment of windsurfers on the sea

But ..... David decided to 'improve' on some of the views by placing himself at the start of my panning, running behind me to stand in shot as I finish the panning ...

here's one:

reminds me of our friend Debbie's stories about her naughty goats who leave the milking parlour once the 'business' has been done, and race round to get on the back of the queue to go through again in the hope of extra food ... if David was a goat he'd be one of the naughty ones although unfortunately not being a little girl he'd be destined for the dinner table rather than the dairy once he reached maturity (which he hasn't done yet) LOL.  
If you want to read/see more about the goats visit Ellies Dairy

We escaped the worst of the snow in Kent thankfully but the weather here in the Canaries is a mixed bag just now.  We've had really hot sunny spells, followed by very wet downpours of rain and periods of white cloud in between.  We are promised a full day of sunshine tomorrow so hope the forecast is right.  In any event, the temperatures are around 25deg warmer here than in Whitstable so we're not complaining.

I did bring some pencils out with me and my unfinished drawing from when I attended Mike Sibley's 3 day course (must be 18 months ago now) so about time I got round to finishing it

this is where I stopped work on it

so it won't take much to finish it ... just that I'm not sure what I'm going to put in the foreground apart from the foliage I started ...

but I have started on a black lab graphite drawing and have probably spent around 6 hours on this so far - I photographed her for a commissioned portrait last year

We've not really spent much time at the house for me to draw.  The 'iffy' weather has encouraged us to go into Town more and we've been tenpin bowling and will have a session at the lawn bowls ground on Friday.

Tomorrow is the leaving party for friends who are going back to Wales ... that will be a fun night I think.

Thursday I get to deliver the sepia style portrait I finished recently - an early 1st wedding anniversary gift.

Tonight is a much need evening at home just reading and catching up on emails etc ... we've had too many late nights and partying!!!   Can't keep up the pace these days.


Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

What is they say about men? That the only difference between them and boys is the price of their toys? Well, at least David is getting a little exercise running back and forth!

I'll take the weather there - it's been frigid here!

Oh, let us know how the wedding portrait is received - was going to ask if you'd given it to them yet.

The workshop drawing and the lab are coming along nicely! More please!

hmuxo said...

I love both of these drawings, Sue.!
The black lab is amazing and really look forward to your next post. His eyes are so realistic and I love his expression!!

Lene Daugaard said...

Love both drawings - the one with the rabbit really tells a story. 18 months old ... you need to finish it :)

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks for commenting ladies. Sadly, I've been unwell for a week and this is the first time Ive felt like sitting at the computer and catching up with emails etc ... so apologies for late response :-)

I haven't done any more work on either picture but now I'm feeling a little better perhaps I'll get back to the bunny soon