Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Well, it may not lie exactly but it can certainly distort the truth.

I made some adjustments to the current portrait and had hoped to scan it to send to my client.   That would have meant scanning in several sections and stitching as my scanner is only A4 sized but a Blogger friend had recommended some free stitching programmes to try (thanks Jan).   Unfortunately, David was out for the day and had taken his computer with him.  Our printer/scanner links to his computer - mine won't talk to it (you know how it is sometimes with technology).

So I photographed the portrait using various settings on the camera.     This is the version closest to the original - but it is too grey

the paper is much brighter than this but when I tried to artificially whiten it the picture looked a bit weird - almost 3D

I photographed it using the monochrome setting but that wasn't right either - too harsh

and when I left the camera to its own devices to make its own setting selection I got this ....

which is all part of the learning curve with my new(ish) camera of course, but frustrating when trying to send an accurate image to clients

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that the portrait has been approved so just a case of tidying and signing it and giving it a light spray of fixative then it can be mounted/matted and mailed  .... I've enjoyed this one - nice to work without colour now and then.


Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Isn't it a pain to try to get an accurate scan/photo? If you do get one on your end, then you have to wonder if the recipient's monitor will show the same as yours!

This turned out great and I'm sure the recipient is very pleased!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah even if the photo looks good to you, it might look odd on other monitors :/

the portrait turned out lovely, very happy looking women and you did a great job with her eyes

Peggy said...

What type of scanner and computer don't communicate? Have you had any help getting it to?
This turned out GORGEOUS!! The sparkle in her eyes, her hair just WOW!

Jo said...

Yes,its quite beautiful. She looks so happy and the eyes are wonderful.

Scanning is always a problem, the colours never look quite the same.

hmuxo said...

SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!! Perfectly finished, Sue! I love her expression and her eyes are so realistic! Congratulations...they're going to love this portrait!!!

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Ladies
Thanks for your comments - sorry been out and about for 2 days so just catching up.
My computer went back to the factory three times last year Peggy for various problems - now it works (apart from not linking to the printer) so I'm loathe to tamper any more - I'll live with the problem :-)

This lovely lady is expecting a baby 'any moment' now I'm told. So I've been asked to wait a while before sending the portrait to be sure someone is home to take delivery.