Friday, 11 January 2013


After several days of being stuck indoors or in a car on the motorway, working in the Hospice eBay office and taking Mum-in-Law to hospital I was really pleased when my friend Jenni visited today and we were able to go for a long walk along the beach, getting some fresh air, catching up generally and 'practicing' with our cameras.   It was a cold but still day with very grey skies and porridge coloured sea so a challenge to find things/scenes to photograph.  

As usual, the harbour at Whitstable provided some colour - and plenty of gulls.   Despite some vigorous hand-clapping and arm waving from Jenni - the gulls were far from bothered and wouldn't do 'anything interesting'.  I think Jenni did manage to get one photo of a gull flapping its wings ... but that was as good as it got!

The tangled net mountain had increased since my last visit a week or so ago - and a few more colours added

There was a real dearth of colour around today - even the beach huts looked dull ..... so I decided to go into monochrome mode and I think I'm hooked (well, for the moment at least)

I think this was probably Mum, Dad, Daughter and Dog out for a walk on the beach close to the Old Neptune Pub (where Jenni and I really didn't stop for a glass of wine and bowl of chips) LOL  (fingers firmly crossed)

The sky became much lighter behind us (to the left in this photo) and its made for an interesting silhouette and almost erased the sea in the background

and these were photographed using 'dynamic monochrome' but I had to brighten them a tad in paint net but they are certainly much more vibrant.

Shame I didn't manage to zoom out quickly enough - tops of heads and dogs paws are over-rated I feel LOL

It was definitely the day of the black lab in Whitstable - we saw lots of them but this one really caught our attention.

This is George.   He carried one rubber ball in his mouth but was willing his dad to throw the other ball and was so intent on watching dad's throwing hand that we managed to snap several photos of him like this.    

Later (outside the Neptune pub where we didn't (not) have a glass of wine and bowl of chips each) we met up with George again - still wet from his dip in the sea and in need of a bit of tidying up.  This time he was carrying the green ball.   

George's dad said he is impossible to photograph as he doesn't normally stay still long enough so I've emailed him a selection of our photographs tonight and hope there are some he will like.

Have a great weekend everybody


Jo said...

I wish I liked taking pix as you do. I wish I could go for walks these days too. Enjoyed your camera experiments. The gull backgrounds remind me a bit of some of Mike's paintings which are often set on chains or by barn doors etc.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i really like the shots of the gull on the chain :D

george looks like a very happy bouncy dog :D

Jan/ said...

Great pics, Sue, especially the ones of George. Don't the Labs just love their balls no matter what the color!

Nanny, nanny poo poo - when we were at the beach yesterday it was sunny and over 70 degrees F! Of course we got rained on both going and coming home. Glad you had such a good time especially since you didn't have (not) the wine and chips! lol

hmuxo said...

Amazing photography, Sue!!!

"JeanneG" said...

Those gulls are so pretty and clean looking. Love the dogs.