Monday, 7 January 2013


I'm getting close to finishing work on this portrait and have just emailed this update to my client  for his approval/critique.   Again this is a photo, and taken in poor light, but I won't do any more to the drawing till I know whether anything needs to be changed.

and look at this poor little lady chaffinch .... 

I noticed her legs looked very lumpy and scabby so had a quick Google (as you do) and found lots of information (too much possibly).    It might be Bumblefoot which is a bacterial infection but I think its more likely Scaly Leg (caused by mite infestation) or bird pox virus which causes warty encrustations ....  all of them sound a bit grim and I hope I haven't put you off your food LOL

Poor little bird anyway ... it appears nothing can be done apart from washing bird feeders - but as these chaffinches feed from the ground I can't do anything about disinfecting the grass.   The good news is that this condition doesn't stop the bird from leading a normal life

and I'm really pleased that my regular sessions on Picasa - downsizing all my stored photos has really paid dividends.   I'm down to 13.5%  level with my storage allowance so miles away from having to pay to increase storage or stop using Picasa.   Yeaaayyy!!!


Polly Birchall said...

This portrait is so sensitively done really lovely. I saw a bird with lumpy legs but didnt know what it was. Looks horrible, but glad to know it leads a normal life. I have found an easy way of downsizing pics called Pixresizer you may like to look at, your can change several pics at a time.

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you Polly. I've heard back from my client so will be making a small adjustment and otherwise he's very happy with it - good news :-)

I'll definitely try PixResizer for my own photo files on my computer as I tend to keep far too many large files and need to free up space. Thanks for that.

Just been helping out a friend who hasn't been able to upload pictures to her Blog. Think its the same problem you've had as when I tested it I could add photos via Chrome but not IE ....
Bl**dy computers!!

Jan/ said...

Oh, the poor little bird! I've never seen anything like that before but I agree that it's nice to know that they can lead normal lives.

I think your portrait looks great!