Friday, 4 January 2013


Whilst awaiting the final ref. photo for the family group portrait, I  tweaked the coloured pencil drawing and am now calling it finished.    Its not so detailed as some of my drawings but was meant to be more of a sepia sketch ...

It probably doesn't look a lot different but I darkened the background slightly and also photographed it in daylight so the colour is more true than previous posts

This is going out to Fuerteventura as an early Wedding Anniversary gift (1st anniversary is Paper so thought this would be appropriate)

 I've made a start on another graphite commission which isn't scheduled till February, but I can put this to one side when ready to start the family group (which will probably be next week as I've heard from my client that he has been ill and unable to search for photos - the portrait is to be a surprise for his wife so he has to be sneaky).

Anyway, I started this yesterday afternoon and have worked on it for several hours today.  It is A3, graphite pencil on Mellotex paper.   Progress feels slow but I have to keep the layers light and build them up gradually to ensure a smooth appearance.  Hurrying could leave pencil marks that can't be hidden/blended away.

The Mellotex paper is bright white but the camera always makes black & white pictures look grey.  I won't stop to scan/stitch the portrait till its finished - or close to completion.

As usual, I started on the eyes as I really hate staring at empty sockets when drawing :-)  then onto the mouth and slowly adding skintones/contouring the face.   I'm using 2H and B pencils for the skin

The paper towels are what I use to rest my hand on - grease from skin/hands will show on graphite pictures and can't be disguised so its important to shield the paper.

You can see what happens when I get bored with skintone ... I 'flit' around and have added a few of the deep shadows in her hair ...   back to skin when next at the drawing board on Sunday

Have a good weekend everyone


Kyla Hynes said...

The drawings look great. I also use paper towel to stop from making a mess!

Sue Clinker said...

Yep its wonderful stuff isn't it - I use it for blending as well.

Karen Hull said...

These are beautiful Sue - you are such an inspiration. I'm like you - doesn't feel like a person until those eyes are in place :) Happy New Year

Sue Clinker said...

I've always found your work inspirational Karen so very chuffed with your kind words LOL

Happy New Year to you and your family also.

Jan/ said...

So glad you've finished the Anniversary portrait and begun a new one. Both look great, as usual. I'm sure the happy couple will be thrilled with such a wonderful gift - a paper portrait is perfect for a first anniversary!

The portrait of the lady is really looking good. You've made great progress with it.

Jo said...

Lovely pix as usual Sue.

Glad Mike answered your question.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jan. I enjoy the simplicity of graphite every now and then - no colours to think about.

Hi Jo
Thanks :-)

Peggy said...

I always start with the eyes on any portrait I'm doing. They truly are the windows to the soul. If I can't get that right, I don't even continue with the portrait. This is gorgeous!
I've never used a paper towel for protection. I use typing (printer) paper. I'll have to try a paper towel and see if I like that better. Probably is a little softer :)