Saturday, 9 February 2013


It has been far too long since my last post and I have a million excuses ....  but they are all pretty boring, main reason is that whilst on Fuerteventura (delivering a portrait and enjoying some Winter sun) I got knocked for six by a chest infection (severe, chronic bronchitis actually) and just couldn't summon up the energy or enthusiasm to sit at the computer or do just about anything (such a wimp)!!

Anyway, almost back to normal now and I'm pleased to say that the graphite portrait I completed recently was very well received and in fact the lovely lady I portrayed has just become Mum to a lovely baby girl.  Congratulations to Patrick and Jennifer :-)

The 'sepia' drawing of Birgit and Manolo also was a success and Birgit insisted on showing it to all the customers in her restaurant on the night I presented it to her.   Although not a year since they married, the portrait was a first anniversary gift (paper).

I didn't get any more work done on the 'bunny' drawing I showed in my last post .... this could set a record for the slowest picture completion in the World methinks!    I did get a little more done on the black lab (graphite) and managed to get a better photo - but it will now take a back seat as I will finally be starting work on the family group portrait I've mentioned several times over the last few weeks.   All ref photos have been received and the composition approved so I'll be starting work on Sunday or Monday.

Here's the latest on the labrador

I've donated a horse portrait to our local Gallery in Whitstable.  The Gallery is run by a Charity and in need of funding to ensure its future.    Donated pictures are being auctioned tomorrow evening so David and I will pop along to see how it all goes (but I mustn't buy pictures - my goal for 2013 is to clear space in my studio)!

I have also just submitted my entry to the UK Coloured Pencil Society's Spring Exhibition at Keswick.  Hanging space is limited at the exhibition and entries are selected by ballot (names out of a hat) rather than being judged by a jury so its a waiting game to see which works will be hung.

One of the things I love about visiting Fuerteventura in the Winter is the abundance of brightly coloured flowers - sadly lacking in our English gardens just now.    In another couple of weeks we will have a garden full of David's favourite flowers here - daffodils - but till then English gardens look very drab.  I've got a few vases full of shop bought daffodils in the house and they smell wonderful - can't wait till all the ones in the garden start to open.

I photographed a few vibrant flowers last week just in case I feel the urge to tackle a botanic project rather than the usual 4 or 2 legged subjects.

Hibiscus comes in such gorgeous colours:

I don't know what this plant is, but just loved the multi coloured flowers which ranged from pink, red, yellow and orange on the same stem.   Beautiful clashing colours

No idea what this is either but you can see how big the blooms are compared to my hand

and the bougainvillea is just stunning at the moment

We walk past this garden most days on our way into town - fantastic cacti which are just beginning to bloom.  Obviously Spring is coming early in the Canaries

There ... don't you feel better now!??    and it won't be long till our Spring bulbs are in bloom here in England and we can really begin to look forward to some warmer weather and longer days.


Jo said...

Ha!!! spring. Not for a long time here. I do know that multi coloured plant, used to have some, the name is on the tip of my tongue. If I can get it off the tip - Lantana, it just came to me. I think I know the other flower too, but not as familiar with it. Love the lab.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks for that Jo.
Lantana it is - I've just Googled Lantana and its also known as a shrub Verbena, a 'strong smelling' tropical perennial according to the BBC Gardening Page. Can't say I noticed its smell but the colours were spectacular.

Jan/ said...

So glad you're back, the lab is looking good. Yes, that's Lantana, we usually plant it but it's an annual here since we can have such cold winters. Our daffodils have been blooming but it's turned cold again. But, I guess spring is on the way!

Vic H said...

Hope you feel better soon Sue, and good luck with the exhibtion.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

o.0 that is a huge bloom!!

love how you have done the fur on the lab and hope you don't get a repeat of the chest infection