Friday, 14 May 2010


Both David and I got struck down with a sickness bug over the last few days ... so no hospital visiting and we've both  been feeling very 'ho - hum' and tired.   I know better than to work on commissions or other important jobs when feeling like that, so instead I 'played' with coloured pencils on a piece of Colourfix which I know a blogging/artist friend likes very much.   To be fair, Janet did suggest working on darker colours with cps and I should have heeded her advice.

I took several pictures of young alpacas at the Kent Show last year and thought two of these could be arranged to look as though they are having a chat - probably about hairstyles as they'd both been recently 'shorn' for presentation at the show.

I'm reasonably pleased with the dark alpaca but I just couldn't get the light colours to work and have now ended up with a bit of a muddy surface - I could remove the colour with solvent I guess but I rather think this is destined for the bin - but it was an interesting experiment.

Anyway, we're both feeling 100% better today,  so its back to the portrait of Bouncer this afternoon - I'm really looking forward to that.


Pauline said...

They are so cute Sue, almost cartoonish. The light one doesn't look muddy to me. Would make a good greetings card so don't bin it!! Pleased you are feeling better. This cold spell is making me lethargic.

Janet Pantry said...

Hi Sue, these chaps are great, I love the colours in the fur on both. The light one doesn't look muddy to me either. But if you're not happy, try using some Blu Tack or an electric eraser to lift some colour, rather than solvent - it might be easier and less drastic in terms of the amount of pigment you lift. I wouldn't give up on it though, it really is better than you think!

sam said...

Very comical Sue, I like these characters a lot:o)

sue said...

Thanks Pauline, Janet and Sam.
I definitely have 'mud' here but will put it to one side as a 'may go back to' job. I didn't think about the electric eraser - guess I assumed the rubber would disintegrate on the sanded surface but I'll give it a whirl. Prints and greetings cards are something I need to look at for the future.

Sam - I think you should add alpacas to your list of 'victims'