Friday, 7 May 2010


We stayed up watching TV till 4.30am this morning following the election results but then had to admit defeat and retire to bed.  Consequently haven't felt like doing very much today.   

We had a walk  round Whitstable today to get some fresh air and this afternoon I've been listening to 'HotFMCanary' radio station on my computer.  That's the local radio station in Corralejo/Fuerteventura where we have a holiday home.  We should be there at the moment but cancelled the flights when Richard (stepson) had his motorbike accident on 18th April.  The owners and DJs at HotFMCanary have dedicated this afternoon to helping us raise funds for the Air Ambulance who airlifted Richard to the Royal London Hospital from the crash scene.   We know full well that many people in the Canaries have been struggling for the last 18 months or so - the recession has led to a reduction in tourism and many bars/restaurants have been forced to close - so all donations are doubly appreciated.  I believe the fundraising will continue during the weekend also.  David and I are really proud that the site he set up to keep Richard's friends informed of  progress has now received more than 60 entries on his guestpage and raised in excess of £1,000 in donations for Air Ambulance - and with more to come it seems.

Whilst listening to their antics on the radio (lots of challenges for the DJs to sing live on air /accept dares etc) I've been working my way through lots of old photo files on the computer and deleting/tidying the folders up.    I came across some pictures taken a couple of years ago and thought I'd post this one.   

This is the 'Old Neptune' pub (probably one of the most photographed pubs in Kent)  it sits on the beach and is perfectly silhouetted against the spectacular sunsets.    I believe the pub was built in the 1850s and damaged lots of times in storms/floods then finally in 1897 the old wooden building was completely washed away in another great storm.

The ‘Old Neptune’ was rebuilt, using timber reclaimed from the original structure and several other cottages that had also been destroyed.  The building has warped and twisted over the years owing to its old wooden foundations, however the timber structure seems to accommodate this movement as can be seen in the window frames and sloping floor.

I called a halt to the Meerkat picture and put it out of sight for a while.  I added some brighter colours to compensate for the dulling I've noticed - I'm glad I had the time to experiment with cps on sanded paper but it isn't a combination I think I'll use often.    I have so many photos of Meerkats now I'm sure you'll be seeing more in the future :o)    Next up will be a Golden Retriever (I believe), a pony and a German Shepherd (all in pastels I think).  For myself, I'd like to fit in some wildlife art .... but watch this space.
Meerkat :


Janet Pantry said...

Sorry Sue, I meant to comment on this post but put it on your last post instead! I really must try and keep up!! Anyway, I do think this is a lovely drawing, can't think why you're disappointed. I get like that with mine though, I think we sometimes stare at them for too long and get hypercritical! Don't give up on the sanded papers ;)

sue said...

Thanks Janet. It was the work that you and other artists have done on sanded papers which inspired me, but I'm struggling with the combination :o)