Wednesday, 5 May 2010

05/05: MEERKAT (CONT..D)

We've been out and about a lot today, shopping and doing chores and I wanted to have a look at a new Gallery which has opened in Whitstable - they have been appealing for local artists to exhibit there and the rents are quite reasonable (and just 5% commission to be taken in aid of a local charity).  At the moment I don't have the 40 pictures it will need to fill the walls - but I may have a word with some other local artists to see if they'd like to share costs/wall space ..... something to think about anyway.

I did another couple of hours on the Meerkat but found myself getting bored and rushing it - which is a bad mistake with coloured pencils - especially on sanded paper as the pencils need to be sharpened after about half a dozen strokes ....... not sure this is very cost effective as the paper really does eat the pencils and, it might just be my imagination but the colours seem to dull very quickly on the paper.

I did read on another forum recently that some papers need to be 'rested' when using coloured pencils, to allow the paper to absorb the waxy pigment - maybe that is what I'm encountering here (??)  Anyway, as somebody famous used to say 'I've started, so I'll finish' but I'm a bit disappointed in this one.

Tomorrow we are visiting Richard in hospital.    He had the op yesterday to wire/fix the broken facial bones so we wanted to wait an extra day to give him time to recover.  Fingers crossed we'll see more progress.  


Kendra said...

You have a wonderful way of working fur! Nice animal portraits. I have to get my hands on some of the Fischer paper because I hear so many good things about it.

sue said...

Thanks Kendra :o)

I'm still not sure about the combination of Fisher 400 and coloured pencils - but Fisher 400 with pastels works perfectly (in my opinion)

Karen said...

He's a sweet little meerkat, looking very good to me. I don't think I'd have the patience to keep on sharpening my pencils so frequently so this is probably a paper I won'r try......unless for pastels!

sue said...

Thanks Karen.

Must admit I can't see myself doing too many cps portraits on this paper for the same reason :o)

Janet Pantry said...

Hi Sue, this is looking pretty good to me! As someone has said, you do have a great way with fur and those eyes are gorgeous.

Yes, sanded papers do eat pencils but then you probably don't have to lay down nearly so many layers. I use Colourfix paper which is a bit rougher than Fisher 400, I think, so you'll prob like that even less for cp! I do find tho that choosing the darker tinted colours (Colourfix) are definitely better and quicker with cps than the lighter shades ;)

sue said...

thanks Janet (again)!
Hmmmm. Don't think I've got any darker shades of Colourfix but I do have some pastelmat so maybe I'll try that when I get a free moment. I don't like to admit defeat too early :o)

Sally McLean said...

Sue I was just scrolling down your blog as i have not visited for awhile and i came across this meerkat. It is fabulous. The fine detail of the fur and the life in the eyes makes me feel as though it will jump out of the screen.

sue said...

Thanks so much Sally - I've really been in two minds about this but your comments have helped sway me and, having left it alone for a few days, I'm a little happier with it now.
Thanks :o)