Wednesday, 5 May 2010

05/05: MEERKAT

This little cutie kept us enthralled recently and I must have come away with more than 80 photos (not taken at the Kalahari desert - but at Port Lympne park in Kent)

Its a bit of an experiment for me and may end up in the bin.   This is my second trial with coloured pencils on Fisher 400 paper which is quite heavily sanded.  I love the paper when used with pastels but not so enthusiastic about coloured pencils.   Many coloured pencil artists prefer working on sanded surfaces so I'm persevering and trying various brands of pencils from Derwent Coloursoft which are very creamy/waxy, Prismacolors (also quite soft), and some Blick (own brand) pencils which are a bit harder.  Unfortunately I don't have many Polychromos in my collection but I think they work better as they are oil based rather than wax based ..... they are on my wishlist

Early stages:

Can you tell what it is yet??   (oh, btw the background is watercolour pencil brushed with a damp paintbrush)


Laura said...

Very inspiring - coloured pencils on Fisher 400 has been on my 'to-do' list for long enough and your post is making me want to get them out now:D

Just been catching up with your blog posts and was sad to hear your news about Richard. Just to let you know you're in my thoughts and wish you and your family all the best through what must be a very difficult and emotional time for you all xx

sue said...

Thanks Laura.

I worry people might think it strange that I'm drawing and blogging ... but Richard's recovery is going to be a very long haul and we are trying to carry on as normal as possible in the circumstances. I find drawing very therapeutic (and David has been tiling bathroom walls - slowly but surely)!! He isn't a DIY man normally