Monday, 3 May 2010


I should have left well alone ..... but I guess we've all been there.  I decided to brighten up some of the highlights in Rocky's coat by using soft pastels.  Disaster!!! It just looked flat and heavy on top of the finer pastel pencil work.    Took me about 3 hours to even it all out by brushing it, 'fixing' it and reapplying pastel pencil (all this with hubby saying 'I told you so' in the background) :o)

This really is the finished article now.    

So ... Not a very productive day, although I did take a trip to a local garden centre to buy a few shrubs for the garden (too cold and wet to actually plant them this afternoon though).

We have friends joining us tonight to take part in a Quiz at a local pub - hope I can kick the grey cells into action before then :o)


Janet Pantry said...

Sue, this is beautifully done, the owner will love it for sure! I admire how you can get such great detail with pastels. I've tried CPS on the Sennelier but it didn't seem to work well for me, maybe pastel would be better.

So sorry to hear about your stepson, a very trying time for you all. I wish him a speedy recovery :)

sue said...

Thanks Janet :o)
I quite like this paper (with pastels). My one attempt with cps on Pastelmat was a disaster. I will persevere though - having seen what you and others have achieved. Just a matter of finding which combination of sanded paper/pencils works best for each of us I guess.

Thanks for your kind wishes for Richard.

sam said...

Wow Sue, you have got the texture spot on, beautifully done)

sue said...

Cheers Sam - much appreciated!!

Dors said...

Great Job Sue. The hair is superb.

I have had that.."Told you so" LOL We just can't help it sometimes. Anyway it turned out superb in the end. Love it.

pett paintings said...

Well done Sue this is a great little portrait and I'm sure your farrier will love it, pity you had a wasted day reworking it, (we all know how that feels)but the end result is what matters ;-)

Glad to hear that Richard continues to make progress xx

sue said...

Thanks Dors and Kay. I doubt I've learned any lessons from this - knowing when something is finished is probably the hardest part isn't it?

Thanks Kay - Richard is scheduled for facial surgery today (3rd time lucky) and we haven't heard to the contrary so hope to have more news tonight. We won't visit again till Thursday to give him a chance to recover a little.


Lene said...

Wonderful portrait, Sue. That fur looks like a great challenge, you have it spot on! ;)