Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Here are some more progress pictures - the photos were taken at different times/light conditions today so colour may vary slightly.  

I probably won't do any more to this portrait tomorrow as we will be visiting Richard and that eats up most of the day for us.   But it will be back to the drawing board on Thursday


Karen said...

This is coming on so quickly and looking wonderful.

Dors said...

Looking wonderful as always. Watching the progress with this lovely piece.

Best regards to Richard and I hope he is recovering well. Hugs.

Sally McLean said...

A beautiful portrait of a very pretty dog. Love the way you have done the fur curls.

Sunny said...

Your portraits are outstanding, I especially like the animals. Wonderful work.
Thank you for stopping by my blog, please visit anytime.
Sunny :)

Janet Pantry said...

Sue, this is looking gorgeous! Perfect choice of paper colour for this isn't it? You are an expert with rendering fur, both cp and pastels. I'm wondering what size it is, don't think you've said.

You mentioned using a sharpener from Lidl, I've got one too and I really like it. I'm hoping to get some more of them soon, if they've got them in stock.

Hope Richard's recovery is going well too :)

sue said...

Thank you Sunny - I'm now following your Blog :o)

Thanks Janet - Its 14" x 10" (I still work in good old imperial measurements)!

I usually buy 3 or 4 sharpeners each time Lidl have their promotion and that just about sees me through. My current (penultimate) one is just beginning to break the pencils so time to change and just hope Lidl get more stock soon.

Lene said...

Hi sue
beautiful portrait.
I see you like Fisher 400 and manage very well to paint long soft fur, which I had a little trouble with in my mini-test. Seems I should try it out more seriously, when looking at your wonderful result ;)

sue said...

Thank you Lene - Fisher 400 is my favourite for pastelwork (but I'm still struggling to make it work with coloured pencils) - I'm enjoying reading the results of your mini-tests ... just wish I'd been a little more scientific with my 'experiments'

Stephanie Greaves said...

What a beautifully drawn Portrait Sue. Wonderful!