Monday, 4 January 2010


At last ... we've had enough snow to cover the grass! I realise this probably looks a very 'girlie' coverage compared to snowfall in the rest of the country - but I'm excited anyway!

Here's one of the fruit trees in our back garden (which still has some apples attached despite all the windy weather last month and the frost/snow now - frozen apple lollies? perhaps I should try one later). I've just thrown out some bread for the blackbirds and replenished all the fat ball holders and the blue tits and sparrows have been having a party this morning :o)

This is the driveway from our house - complete with wheelie bin tracks. Our drive is too narrow/winding for the dustcart to negotiate so we have to drag the bin down to the main lane each week - bit of a pain when the weather is bad, but I do like the fact that our house is tucked away and very private

This is the 'business end' of the house with 'his and her' rooms - my art room/studio on the left of the picture and his office on the right - in fact you can just make out David's silhouette through the blinds - huddled over his computer!


Jan said...

I'm glad you've gotten snow if that's what you wanted. I hope you get our share for the year too! lol

Well, your photos make it LOOK pretty!

Sjamesportraiture said...

I'm jealous, still no snow in Kingston

sue said...

Hi Jan and Sarah.

I only really wanted snow because I thought I'd missed out - living in the only part of Kent that didn't have any. Now we've had some I'd like it to go away ... the forecast is for more snow showers every day till the weekend but we need the airport to be clear on Wednesday as we will be flying off to get some sunshine!!