Monday, 4 January 2010


I finally downloaded my Disney pictures from the camera. Because of the wet/snowy/cold weather I found myself photographing my fellow visitors rather than the Disney stars. Uncle Walt kindly positions a handy shop every 100 yards or so ... and he was doing an amazing trade in furry hats and minnie mouse ears, and of course the traditional wet weather plastic macs (condoms as we preferred to call them). Most of my photos seem to feature people dressed in outfits they'd never dream of wearing outside the Disney set up :o) but I've saved those pictures for another day. Here are some of the more boring ones ...


The next two photos are from a selection showing the illuminated Parade. For some reason most of our fellow tourists stayed at ground level and had to battle to get a view of the wonderful floats. We found a relatively empty verandah on the second storey of the train station which gave us a great aerial viewing point of the procession.

Don't ask!!! We sampled a lot of the rides but this started out as a joke ride and ended up being one of the fastest! The cars are kind of dodgems but are 'choreographed' and they spin round narrowly avoiding each other. The ride is really meant for 'little people' but somehow we squeezed ourselves into the seats but it seemed that our car reacted badly to the additional weight ... it carried on spinning round and round after all the others had stopped. I had visions of clambering out of the car and falling flat on my face in front of hundreds of children !! We all got out safely though. David didn't join us for this one - he took the photos!

As the 'magic hour' approached everybody was jostling for pole position on the 'main strip' towards the Magic Castle, where the fireworks were to be let off. But we had a cunning plan .... my friend Jenni had spotted a deserted childrens playground, disguised as a pirate ship on a lake. We headed for that and climbed the rope ladder to the upper decks where we had a brilliant view of the fireworks and we had the whole place to ourselves. I'm not good at photographing fireworks but have shown a couple of pictures just to give a very poor idea of how brilliant the display was. From our vantage point the fireworks were reflected in the water of 'our lake' so the effect was even better.


Jan said...

It looks as if a fun time was had by all (albeit a little chilly!) I think the fireworks pics look just fine too.

sue said...

The fireworks were really spectacular but I wouldn't expect anything else of Disney - its all a bit OTT isn't it?