Friday, 8 January 2010

08/01: IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM ......

We've had another heavy snowfall in the early hours today so we decided to walk down to the beach and watch the fun as kids (of all ages) took advantage of the icy Tankerton Slopes to test their tobogganing skills. No matter if they didn't own a 'traditional' toboggan - a lot of imagination and initiative had been used .... some worked better than others:

Being towed on the 'baby slopes - fun for all the family

If you can't find anything else - try using a sheet of polythene or plastic:

The milk crate wasn't very successful

But the Lilo worked very well - fastest thing on the slopes I think.

Specially adapted road signs - Diversion and Men at Work!! Don't think that will go down well with the authorities though!

and even the roof from a Wendy Play House - they managed to pack 5 lads into this and it worked pretty well for them

and it wasn't just the two legged 'children' having fun today:


jennicrook said...

So you finally got your pics of snow on the beach - I'm very pleased for you. Now, can you please make it all go away now as I don't want to play anymore :o(((

sue said...

Not sure I do either Jenni - I just felt left out when we were the only part of Kent that didn't get any white stuff in the first falls :o)