Thursday, 7 January 2010

07/01: STILL HERE!

The title applies to us, and the snow.

We didn't get away as planned yesterday as Gatwick airport remained closed for most of the day. 400 flights were cancelled yesterday and 136 today - so we aren't alone in having our travel plans overthrown.

We have booked new flights for Saturday morning - this time leaving from Stansted airport.  Sooooo fingers crossed we'll have more success then.

With our cases packed and sitting in the hallway, I haven't felt motivated to start any of the commission work as I keep getting sidetracked checking weather forecasts etc., I have been working on a coloured pencil cat picture which is easy to pick up and put down as the mood takes me.   I haven't been keeping track of the time spent on the drawing so far but would guesstimate it to be about 5 hours at this stage - that's to sketch out the image and work on the folds in the material etc.   I have spent another 3 hours on the drawing today but haven't photographed the latest version yet.


Anonymous said...

Cat looks great Sue...gosh hope you are able to get away soon to warmer sunnier climes.

sue said...

Hi Vic - long time no hear!! How are your dogs liking this snow? We didn't get out in it yesterday but I've seen some videos on UTube showing kids (of all ages) having fun on the slopes.

I didn't expect to see more snow this morning - the Beeb's website said we'd have a clear night but this is the heaviest fall so far isn't it? I plan to take the camera out later this morning and check it out.

Not sure what will happen tomorrow - but at least we're only losing flights (we can please ourselves as we're going to our own house) but I feel so sorry for families with booked package holidays/hotels being spoiled.

pett paintings said...

Sue I'm sure you would prefer to stay and enjoy the snow ;-)
Hope you manage to get away tomorrow (I'm not jealous at all

sue said...

I'm not bovvered!!! I just want to know one way or another if we will be flying tomorrow as I can't really settle to work. We will have to leave for the airport tomorrow morning before the airline help desk opens - so it may be a wasted journey. Won't know till we get there unfortunately. :o)