Sunday, 6 December 2009

06/12: UPDATE

It's been a very disjointed few days since we returned home from Sunny Fuerteventura. I'm pleased to say Mum-in-Law is making such good progress following the operation on her broken hip that we were told on Friday she can return to her home as soon as we can organise a suitable care plan. Easier said than done as David soon found out .... talk about getting pushed from pillar to post. However, there is now light at the end of the tunnel and provided the care company David has recruited, and the hospital authorities, are happy with each other, she may be allowed home on Wednesday.

The family portrait, two brothers and their Sister in graphite pencil, was approved and delivered on Friday but obviously can't be shown for fear of spoiling the Christmas surprise.

The portrait of Max (horse) has been approved but is still sitting here on my easel awaiting delivery instructions. Whilst it is a Christmas present it isn't a surprise as Max's owner was instrumental in selecting the reference picture etc.

I think the double horse portrait is now finished so I just have to give it a final 'clean up' removing any loose pastel dust and then it can be lightly sprayed with fixative. This is one that I will be mounting and framing but it isn't needed till 17 December so I won't know the client's reaction till then. I'll photograph it and post some pics tomorrow.

When the rain eventually stopped today we visited our local Christmas Fayre at Tankerton. Sadly only about half of the promised 100 stands were there as I guess many people changed their minds about taking a stand when they saw the torrential rain this morning.

Many Hoots (Owl Sanctuary) were there with a few of their rescue raptors. Sadly Lurch the Vulture wasn't there as it appears he is a 'fair weather' vulture! I was able to present them with the framed portrait of Lurch which was exhibited at the UK Coloured Pencil Society's recent show in Birmingham. The portrait will be hung in their classroom where it will be seen by all the visitors who are learning about the owls and other wild birds.

Shame Lurch couldn't make it today ... but this is one of his friends who braved the windy weather:

and this little chap who wasn't so keen on the wind and very sensibly tucked himself away in his flowerpot! Bless!!

Just as we were leaving the Fayre we saw the most amazing spectacle (which I hadn't seen advertised). Hundreds of motorbikes of all sizes and descriptions descended on Tankerton (from Whitstable direction). Many of the bikers were dressed as Santa and other Christmas characters. When we got home and 'Googled' the event, we found it is an annual Charitable Toy Run event to raise funds for disadvantaged children. Looked as though they were all having fun so I hope they raised lots of money. Tankerton is normally a fairly sleepy sort of resort so it added a bit of excitement to the afternoon!

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