Thursday, 10 December 2009


I can't show my current Work in Progress for fear of spoiling a Christmas Present surprise ... but we're off to deliver a finished portrait today and then (fingers crossed) picking up Mum-in-Law from hospital and settling her back into her own home

Thanks to Sevenoaks art for their animations (see my link list for contact details) otherwise I'd be back to describing which soup I'm cooking today!


Jan said...

Good luck on getting your MiL home and settled in and getting the portrait delivered.

Hope you have a restful day afterward!

PS - you can describe your soup anytime! I just don't want to hear about curry! lol (But I do plan to try your recipes!)

sue said...

Thanks Jan. MiL very happy to be home and I think her recovery will be much faster now she is in familiar surroundings.

Portrait well received :o)

Leek and Potato today!!

pett paintings said...

Lol I think we're all struggling to blog in words Sue I guess we're just better at pictures :-)

sue said...

I think you're right Kay :o)