Tuesday, 8 December 2009

08/12: BAH HUMBUG!!


I must confess to not feeling very Christmassy at all .... so I'll keep plugging away with the Xmas theme headers here to see if it helps. With Mum-in-Law still in hospital (but hopefully coming out fairly soon) we've changed our holiday entertainment plans and luckily found a restaurant close to her home who can fit seven of us in for a Boxing Day lunch. So we won't have to transport her too far, and I won't have to cook, clean and stress!! Bit of a cop out but now David and I will just do 'our own thing' on Christmas Day and have a low key family get together on Boxing Day.

I'm feeling quite virtuous, having written all the Christmas cards - just have to buy some stamps and drop them in the postbox now ... Phew! another marathon task out of the way


I am back at the drawing board but working on a 'human' double portrait which is to be a surprise Wedding Anniversary gift and can't be shown yet.

Next up is a child portrait (another surprise) and then I can return to the four legged subjects - two dogs and a horse for January completion.


Jan said...

Don't feel bad at not feeling very Christmasy - I don't either. My OH put up yard lights and decorated the house as it's something I just don't do.

Lucky you to not have to cook and clean and all that this year. I do feel bad about your MIL though and hope she's doing well.

Since I did 99% of Thanksgiving this year, I think I'll tell my daughter that she has to cook Christmas dinner! Think she'll go for it? lol

sue said...

Probably Not Jan! We're definitely at the age where parents expect us to do the entertaining/paying and children expect us to do the entertaining/paying. Not sure how we escape this 'piggy in the middle' scenario??

Highton-Ridley said...

Aah, far too organised... or is it just me disorganised?

Lovely work, Sue. You seem really to capture the souls of the peeps and animals in the portraits you do.


sue said...

Thanks Mark
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your monochrome photography :o)